I Find the Dark Side… Disturbing

I.  Am a psychopath. Not the “oh grab your torches, pitchforks, and straitjackets” kind.  I’m moreso the garden variety “He’s so nuts I understand myself a tad better” kind. Nevertheless… I struggle mentally.  I’m a faithful, church going Christian, and (with the exception of a select few sermons throughout the years) it hasn’t really done

She’ll Kill Ya

**There’s always so much to say about relationships and relationship management… and it’s usually always to women… Or insulting to men. Well- I’m changing all that… here is something I’ve coined “Inspirational Caution.” Dear Brothers… Don’t rate the Ruths by the Jezebels. If she rejects being positioned by God, then she will disjoint you from

It Sucks, But Now What?

Wow !! Three months in, but here is my first blog post of 2014… Happy New Year everybody 🙂 As I’ve been living, and wedding planning, and fighting to produce quality art, and interacting with various genres of artists spanning miscellaneous ranges of intellectual fortitude, I’ve observed something critical.  Something so crucial to every human

Magnetize, magnetize !!

It is curious, isn’t it, the natural clash between creativity and will? The creative voice demands that we sacrifice sleep, money, social status, and all other nominal obstacles to bring its unbridled tones to life. Our will may actually be in alignment for a time… But after too many fruitless dollars spent, too many marginally