Out at sea, a large boat jerks and a young, champion Olympic swimmer is pitched overboard. He has precisely one thought. “I am a champion, Olympic swimmer… I’m better than this!!” To make matters worse a storm erupts out of nowhere, rain splattering viciously, stinging his eyes. The boat he was pitched from is still

The Laziest Dreamer

My number one passion is to impact the world.  To inspire people beyond their concept of limitations.  To unlock the power over the impossible in the hearts of humans of all ages and ethnicities.  To teach the world how to love again.  And all of this in such a pure manner from such a real

She’ll Kill Ya

**There’s always so much to say about relationships and relationship management… and it’s usually always to women… Or insulting to men. Well- I’m changing all that… here is something I’ve coined “Inspirational Caution.” Dear Brothers… Don’t rate the Ruths by the Jezebels. If she rejects being positioned by God, then she will disjoint you from

Brief Letter to the Populace

Everything that there is to be said has been thus presented… Tragedy. Senseless violence. Spiritual sickness. Demonic onslaught. Sorrow. A desperate crying out for hope. One thing about America- despite the wild claims of independence from God and thin bonds between people and churches… we know EXACTLY what to do when the storm hits hard.

Case Files

The lights flicker dimly in the long hallway.  The swinging bulbs cast deceptively menacing shadows upon the walls as I pass through the corridor they so ominously protect.  Outside, the rain fiercely smashes into the windows as if flung from the very crack of thunder that surrounds it.  Creaks echo throughout the entirety of this