Out at sea, a large boat jerks and a young, champion Olympic swimmer is pitched overboard. He has precisely one thought. “I am a champion, Olympic swimmer… I’m better than this!!” To make matters worse a storm erupts out of nowhere, rain splattering viciously, stinging his eyes. The boat he was pitched from is still

I Find the Dark Side… Disturbing

I.  Am a psychopath. Not the “oh grab your torches, pitchforks, and straitjackets” kind.  I’m moreso the garden variety “He’s so nuts I understand myself a tad better” kind. Nevertheless… I struggle mentally.  I’m a faithful, church going Christian, and (with the exception of a select few sermons throughout the years) it hasn’t really done

The Laziest Dreamer

My number one passion is to impact the world.  To inspire people beyond their concept of limitations.  To unlock the power over the impossible in the hearts of humans of all ages and ethnicities.  To teach the world how to love again.  And all of this in such a pure manner from such a real

Not What You Think

“Here’s your sword. A little bit of faith, and you’ll have all you need to make it work.” Cal snatched the weapon from his fellow knight’s hand, sneering as he did so. “It’s not faith that I need Arthen.  I need practicality. Effectiveness.  I’m not using this sword to display faith.  I’m using this sword because

Good Christian

Sometimes it feels like the ship I’m clinging to in order to save me, is the very one that’s going down.  Sinking.  It feels like Christianity is sinking.  Can I say that? Just did. Put a picture too. I feel like my dependence on Jesus is more claim than practice… that is- I go to