Part I: Blinding Lights

Such a glorious tale of life on the other side of the looking glass. If fame and fortune are a human body, then Beyond the Lights was an in-depth look at the messy business of blood flow and marrow formation. So intensely gritty and repulsive that you were shocked that so horrid a process could


Out at sea, a large boat jerks and a young, champion Olympic swimmer is pitched overboard. He has precisely one thought. “I am a champion, Olympic swimmer… I’m better than this!!” To make matters worse a storm erupts out of nowhere, rain splattering viciously, stinging his eyes. The boat he was pitched from is still

The Incurable Monster

It’s always there. Hovering just beneath the surface of your awareness. Frequently out of sight, but- sadly- never out of mind… Depression. It pulls you, it pushes you, it whips into a whirlwind of a psychotic frenzy until you can no longer tell whether or not you’re still breathing… whether or not you’re still alive.