When the world screeches at brain shattering decibels for regular folk, and sells indifference to end difference… one maniac dares to stand up and shout back defiance.


I invite you- through reading, commenting, and sharing my posts- to join the fight against normality.  It’s okay to be nuts; crazy is a mark of genius in my opinion.  Be off your rocker, but not out of control.  Be the exception to creative rules, but not blind to obvious humanity.  Be open to change and radical ways of thinking, but not so open that you forget what is yours on the other side of the door.

Live in the paradox is what I’m saying basically.

This is what I’m doing… where I am… what I am.

The blade of grass in a field of flowers, smelling the sweetest and soaking up all the sun.

The only thing I will ever give up on is the one thing I wasn’t born with or created to embrace… being normal.

#WingsUp #Absity


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