The Psychosis of Purpose


The stories were right.

There is something terribly wrong with the system that governs humanity; the world order is broken and bent in favor of those who render servitude to their weaker faculties, flaunt the chains of their basic instincts. There is no special elevation for the honorable, no back door into success and influence for the upright and hard working- there are far more impoverished and struggling super talents than there are wealthy forces of enervation and mediocrity.

Darkness is everywhere and nothing works the way it should… the way we’ve been told that it does. We’ve been fed the contorting rules of a deceptive game that has no board. And yet- everyone isn’t aware of this. Everyone doesn’t care. Everyone doesn’t care to be aware.

Many toted Oracles, Morpheus’, and Neos are really just Cyphers in elaborate disguise. The feeders, messengers, purveyors of this toxic water which robs us of life and increases thirst, because after all what is a Cypher?

A code.
A code.

I don’t know you, but I believe we are cut from the same cloth. We believe in the stories. The comics, the films, the novels, the radio dramas. They mean something. And I think we ought to put that meaning into play.

Don’t let the twisted machinations of the lethal organism around us rob you of the very thing it’s going to take to subvert the system, to pen a more tactile code. This is what being an artist is all about! Writer, illustrator, singer, chef, actor, blogger, dancer, musician, teacher, game designer… Spending HOURS working on something you HOPE people like, with no guarantee at all of success or acceptance, or even comprehension of what you just created. No guarantee of a big break, no assurance that somebody else’s subpar, unqualified creation won’t get the prominence that yours has earned.

It’s hard, thankless work… But it is the work we are put here to do.

Don’t worry about “They.” They are the system and are not to be trusted.

They aim at your trust, because they don’t want you sharpening your discernment.
They aim at your self esteem, because they don’t want you to flex your power.
They pick at your loneliness, because they want to make sure you never form a true team.
They pick at your skills, because they want you to forget about the limitlessness of your potential.

They dig at YOU because they want you to forget the power of a moment. A sentence. A scene. Life altering inspiration takes place in the merest spark of connection.What you do changes lives!
And they would love for you to put that Godlike power to rest, for any reason they can get you to justify.

Why haven’t I made it yet? Why do lame projects garner attention and mine don’t? No matter how much I produce, why can’t I escape this burning feeling of insufficiency? What’s the point of building up yet another idea? Why does nobody care!!

There are no satisfactory answers for these types of questions. Doing what we do… being who you are… it requires a certain psychosis. A madness to acknowledge that all is not as it should be, that something is missing… and that your life, in all of its gleaming multifacity, has the power to change that and influence it in a better direction.

Madness may be the emergency exit, but we’d miss our lane without it.

This doesn’t mean that we will never reach the heights of our goals- this is just a reminder not to rest the weight and value of your work on recognition. I wrote a poem put to music recently and here are the final lines of the third verse…

Faith, imagination, and creativity
These are the powers rebirthing me endlessly
So I will not stop
I was built to soar
When I’ve got nothing left
I still give more
Because I’ve got my wings up

I believe you believe in the stories. Which means that you believe in good. And that’s why we are here, that’s why we have this gift.

To do good in a world convinced that good is no longer of interest…

Even though Good is exactly what it needs.

Happy trails my friends.

Ask better questions,
Do interesting things,
Live your best story possible,
Keep your wings up.

Joshua Evans is a prolific writer and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast who believes story is central to everything and that mythology can change the world. He currently hosts two youtube shows- The Truth About Superheroes and Comic of the Week, as well as runs a short story blogsite on medium as The Story Junkie. If you would like to further be a part of his cosmic psyche, you can join him on Twitterand Instagram or simply subscribe to this blog… and remember- sharing is caring! Cheers!



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