The Conditional Authority of Love

(approximate read time: 4 minutes)

“Love is love.”
“Love equality.”
“Love who you want.”

Just a few of the hashtags making global prominence in recent times as the rise of LGBTQ in the public eye continues to reach unforeseen heights of influence and notoriety. The legalization of homosexual marriage in the United States of America was heralded as the indelible mark of progress in an otherwise stifling time of suffering and scandal that seems so prevalent. Even people who aren’t LGBTQ, but still support the movement and its constituents, have adopted these slogans and hashtags.

“Let people who marry who they want!” “Who are you to tell people who they can and can’t love?” “Let them do them and I’ll do me.” “They’re not hurting anybody!”

These statements are then usually followed by a long list of references to moments and atrocities that DO blatantly harm the human race. Terrible happenings from people who have surrendered to their monster urges inside and violated human sanctity with their unhinged deployment of twisted sanity.

This tactic, though citing true happenings, is a straw man argument at best and manipulative distraction at worst. Which is it? I leave you to decide that for yourself. But my real qualm has been the leading sentiment of society’s plenary lack of right to challenge any institution claiming love as its nexus. The LGBTQ movement rests entirely upon that premise. They are free to love who they want, and we are not free to challenge it.

Which is true.

However, the following step is not only are they allowed to love who they want with no challenge, but they are also allowed to then go ahead and BE with said person. And it’s alright. Because, love.

Which presupposes an even GREATER premise.

That heterosexual love relationships are automatically qualified as acceptable or legitimate, because of the love element. We know that human value does not fluctuate based upon sexual preference or gender consciousness. All human life is valuable and equal. Nothing is more or less legitimate because a straight person engages with it or because an LGBTQ person engages with it.

The keystone factor here is love.

And here’s the main problem with how we, as humans, have approached the all justification of claiming love.

Love is perfect.

Humans are not.

As it happens… humans are really bad filters!

Walk with me for a moment.

Humans are incredibly flawed. Yesterday’s lies become todays truths, which becomes tomorrow’s lies and so on. We have agendas and desires that rise and fall according to our knowledge, experiences, and revelations. Not to mention the persistent streak of darkness that we all battle against. Humans are flawed.

And anything we are exposed to is siphoned through this filter of imperfection. So while LOVE is perfect, it loses some of its grandeur when we make contact with it. Like passing a gold coin through grimy hands. The person whose hand it is may have lofty aspirations, strong desire for good, impeccable innocence, etc, but- no matter how noble the nature, the hands are still grimy. Even washed hands get dirty again. Being flawed is a critical part of what it means to be human.

It keeps us striving.

So now we are forced to expand our perspective.

Humanity is flawed.
Love is perfect.

What are the rules of perfect Love? What does Love itself condone or disprove? Where does Love COME from?

And this is the crux.
For love only has complete, unassailable authority in its pure form.

Love comes from God. God is love. He created it. Embodied it. Disseminates it. Before love touches humanity, it resides in the bosom of God and is perfect as He is perfect. He, as the Author and All Force of Love, has established heterosexual relationship as the only acceptable [romantic] gateway for that. And all forms of same sex relationship of sexual and marital nature are not given the thumbs up.

Does God hate the LGBTQ community? HECK no!

That may not have been the most well communicated, but that is the absolute truth. Furthermore, just because we bear a heavy attraction, does not give us license to indulge it nor suggest that we MUST indulge it. The proof is simple. Think of that ex you’re glad you didn’t stay with or marry. The ex that you’re still kinda drawn to, but that you stay away from because indulging that draw is fundamentally NOT GOOD for you.

Even if you love the person.

Sadly, love is not enough, because humans are flawed. We need wisdom. But we tend to mar that as well. How gracious God has been to make certain baselines exceptionally clear, so that we have a stronger place within which to operate our love and wisdom.


If, somehow, you don’t believe in God or don’t believe God is love… where does Love come from? If it’s completely the product of humankind, then that makes it subjective. I can marry my six year old sister, if I feel I love her, and there’s nothing you can say about it. I can do anything I want to do if I feel I love the person on the other end of it. Consequences die. There’s no weight to repercussion for twisted acts done in love’s name.

Where does Love come from?

That answer is avoided.

And in the murky, nebulous stasis field of confusion and denial, misnomers are taking root and thriving. The straw man argument rules the day. Afterall- who would be brazen enough to attack love itself? Only a monster. But Love isn’t what’s up for debate. This is really about the human experience of love through the guiding sails of preference and desire… which is NOT Love itself.

Love is bigger.
Love is greater.
Where does Love come from?

That answer is everything.


Joshua Evans is a prolific writer and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast who believes story is central to everything and that mythology can change the world. He currently hosts two youtube shows- The Truth About Superheroes and Comic of the Week, as well as runs a short story blogsite on medium as The Story Junkie. If you would like to further be a part of his cosmic psyche, you can join him on Twitter and Instagram or simply subscribe to this blog… and remember- sharing is caring! Cheers!


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