Call of the Wild

(approximate read time: 4 minutes)

Have you ever felt… trapped… by the rules of society?

I feel like as kids, subject to the rulings and restrictions of the almighty adults enthroned over us, that we envisioned adulthood as this thaumaturgic wonderland of autonomy. That if we could just survive the chains of puberty, we would be released into the “other.” Welcomed into the grand social clamourings of shakers and movers. Of decision makers and power brokers.

Only to discover that adulthood is secretly Childhood 2.0.

The playgrounds look different, the punishments are a little more severe, the reckless fun is a little less innocent, and the New Adults – the ones pulling the strings – are harder to identify… but it’s childhood all over again. [insert bitter laugh] Except now we pay for it. Adulthood is the financially demanding version of childhood, with no escape clause. There are no parents to let take care of things, there’s no looking forward to being an adult, there’s no OUT.

We’re just here.
And we have to deal.

Sardonic as it may sound, crime is a totally rational entity to me. You have millions of slightly unruly people, whose soul aim is freedom, and you never give it to them. Actually, you structure life around a temporal paradox. Meaning the more they age, the less freedom they have. And with an expert twirl of stylized manipulation, distraction is induced as the addictive sedative to keep them from reaching their breaking point.

We are wild creatures every one of us.

Deep inside us all is the unwavering reality that there’s a “more” to life that we are intended to experience. Our hearts beat for that euphoric moment of connection to everything around us, saying “This is why I’m here!” Day in, day out, we endure monotony and frustration, because we know that embedded in the hidden laws of the universe is a simple rule… Pressure shall not break, but release. The fundamental laws of creation are on our side. We know it. Deep in our core, away from our ornately crafted public persona, political affiliations, emotional chest puffing, hyper rational defense mechanisms, and everything else we indulge that shields us from our selves… deep down we know the pressure of life is supposed to induce freedom. Not slavery.

 Confinement is supposed to catapult, not conform.

 We are the wolves, the lions, the cresting eagles.


But somebody has been plotting against us. Some thing has been maneuvering against us, before we even knew we needed to defend ourselves. It’s deeper than the sick humans who exploit other humans. What are they sick with? There’s a darkness, a poison, leaking through the bloodlines of the human race. Molding itself into our consciousness with the adhesive of consistency.

Extended presence of any essence, can stimulate the conviction of its normality.

But that isn’t always the case. Things must be examined. What is this sickness?


Our life is dominated by physical rituals, but humanity is obviously spiritual.

For the evidence of this, we need look no further than the most common vices.

Sex. Alcohol. Drugs. [Perverted] love. Witchcraft. Any stimulant of adrenaline and dopamine, regardless of cost.

We constantly turn to things that can put us out of our minds. What’s outside of the human mind? Spirituality. Why is sex so potent? Because it’s spiritually rooted. Adrenaline and dopamine- the feelings of empowerment and happiness- resonate so strongly why? Because the spiritually sound life is naturally more empowered and happy than the physical life.

Sure some people surrender to the current of the sickness. Devote themselves to dark arts and self gain. Such people are not beyond redemption, but they are not the focus. They vitiate the intrinsic wild nature, but they do not erase its reality. What you’ve gotta understand is-

Everybody wants on this train.

Did you know that even Satanists are making a play at masquerading as righteous? How insane is that? It should be impossible. Inconceivable. But it isn’t. And you know why?

Because we’ve been destabilized. Trapped like circus animals, feasting on our own feces, devoid of any spiritual adherence, spinning round and round in this onrushing river of incessant mania, until we can no longer tell which way is up.

Ultimately, though, I believe freedom is simple.

Because truth is simple.

Follow the call of the wild inside of you. Rebel. Use your best wisdom with your wildest inclination, and upset the system without become a product of the problem. Create your dreams, incite your passions. Figure out what bothers you most and set about correcting it, in the most personally ingenious way. Encourage others to follow their lane of freedom, out of this box they aged into. Madness is the emergency exit, true, because it takes a little madness to set the world right. To believe that something different can happen than what has happened already.

 And the other part is to become spiritually sound. Acknowledge God/the Source/the Higher Power, whatever makes you most comfortable to call Him. Your life is too precious- too invaluably RICH- to relegate this critical aspect of it to a knee jerk reaction against the actions of spiritual degenerates. Figure out what helps you to get closer to Him, in a non-destructive way. See beyond the maze of this fleshly experience we call life. Let God flow through you. Let Him pour into your life and the lives of those around you. Everyone wants on this train. Everyone needs spiritual health. Who better to disseminate that than the author of it?

You are more than what you have become.
You are amazingly purpose filled and powerful.
You are staunchly resilient and capable.
Life isn’t a breeze, but you don’t need it to be.

 You are wild.



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