War Room


I had to take a physical assessment test for a prospective job recently. I was pleased to find out that as far as push ups and sit ups, I was pretty solid. Had to do a sprint and I was less solid. Then I had to run a mile and a half, and I pretty much died.


Cardio is unavoidable. Lol

But I also learned that, while I wasn’t as strong as I’d thought I was… I was still strong enough to get the job done.

“I wasn’t as strong as I’d thought I was; but I was still strong enough to get the job done.”

War Room is a phenomenal movie about spiritual warfare. It’s a movie about recognizing that our real enemies aren’t the people around us. It’s a movie about the struggle in dealing with people who hurt us, while knowing that there is something darker we should be focused on eliminating. It’s a movie about fighting the real enemy.


We have shied away from the reality of Satan and demonic forces, and become fixated on solving our problems on our own. The popular church mantra of “everything isn’t Satan’s fault,” has given way to a casual dismissal of his very active presence. We become baited into debates about things that are actually spiritual. Homosexuality. Entertainment. Family trauma. Abortion. Hot button topics that can lead to endless debates, without ever once touching on their spiritual roots.

As Tim Keller said in one of his sermons- “The reasons aren’t the reasons!”

But if you’re not aware of that, then you become content in mediocre strength. Strength that is good enough to get the job done. Fighting for movements that may attain major societal victories, but are actually devastating spiritual losses.

This movie unveiled something important that my physical assessment test drove home.

“Strong enough to get the job done is still less than the strength I need to be.”

The strength that is strong enough to get the job done turns out to be insufficient for the event I’m actually being trained for. Going back to “the reasons aren’t the reasons” but in a different way. God was training me to be a husband, but I thought I’d maxed out at being a good big brother to my sisters. God was training me to operate from victory regardless of situation, but I thought I was just learning to keep trying in spite of quitting. God was training me to value myself the way He does, but all I saw was a normalized difficulty having close friends.

You see?

I have a list a mile long – and I’m sure you do too – of instances where my strength was sufficient for a situation, but needed growth to handle the graduated versions of those situations. But, had I not gone through the initial issue, I wouldn’t have been positioned to grow in strength to begin with!


“Until we are powered by Someone greater than us, we haven’t yet experienced real strength.”

You aren’t where you are in life right now, just to max out right there. You’re there because God’s got a plan for you. He’s moving things, setting stuff up for your elevation, for submersion in His glory, for depth of relationship, for destroying the enemy. That’s why you have the weaknesses you have. That’s why you have the gifts you have. That’s why you’re REALLY good at that thing.

He’s gotten you acclimated with the concept of strength, so that you can handle the reality of strength. An active prayer life is that spiritual protein boost. It’s what takes your sufficient strength and enhances it to the real strength you’re going to need. It transforms your daily approach to life into an efficient, God driven strategy to establish His Kingdom and thwart the wiles of the enemy.

And now it gets good. This is where the war room comes in handy. Much like a man cave or a fun room, this special place in your home is your designated space for prayer. Does that mean it’s the only space you pray? Of course not. But that’s where the bulk of your prayer activity takes place. It’s where you talk to God. Read aloud old prayers. Read and meditate on Scriptures pinned up on the wall or in your Bible. Where you sit and listen to God tell you things. It’s the WAR ROOM!

These staples of the Christian faith have been watered down as recommended ritual, when actually they are the vitalizing tools for necessary combat and a strong, powerful life.

And, because strength is still strength even if tears are required… it’s also the place you can retreat to after you suffer defeat, weariness, or even pain that oftentimes accompanies doing the right thing. Yet, even that is training in itself, because if you relocate or travel and can’t get to your war room… you recognize that you carry it within you. That your body is God’s temple- the church- and that you can handle business no matter where you are.

And you learn that it is intense, intentional, intimate relationship with God that sustains one’s life… and nothing else.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” –John 1:1-5 (ESV, emphasis added)



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