I Am the Matrix


I grew up studying systems.

It’s so fun. So occupying. So prevalent.


Because systems are everywhere.

One of the most powerful sermons I’ve ever heard was from a certain Pastor Rob Hill. It was about systems. It was many years ago, but the principle point behind the message was that in order to understand what’s going on, what you’re supposed to be doing, and how to govern the power you have, you have to understand the system you’re operating in. The systems that are operating around you.

He captured my practice of studying everything around me, polished it into something beautiful, and handed me something dynamic to carry throughout the rest of my life.

Financial systems.

Spiritual systems.

Social systems.

Family systems.

Mental systems.

Black people systems.

Asian people systems.

Church systems.

Systems are everywhere, silently guiding everything. And, for a mind like mine, this has been endlessly fascinating. I was Luke taking his first steps into a larger world. Bilbo living his first real adventure. Neo being awakened to a greater reality. For years I’ve been studying. However, rather than go through various systemic observations, I want to highlight the most important system I’ve discovered.

… Me.

Picture the solar system. The planets. The stars. The asteroids. Satellites. Cosmic explosions. Moons in orbit. Each a set of functioning systems in their own right. It’s beautiful. It’s epic. It’s mind boggling. But what gives it all meaningful definition?

The sun.

As I observe, move through, and interact with various systems in the ultimate system called life… I am at the center. Not in a self deifying, arrogant way, but in a very aware way. I am at the center. The only system I can constantly monitor, tweak, and learn about at all times is me. The only system I see most frequently interact with other systems is me. 

This is an astounding reality.

Because, the actual matrix to discover isn’t in the world around me… it’s in the world inside me.

I am the matrix.

neoIt is impossible for me to do, that which I do not believe.

That is not to be confused with the notion that everything I believe becomes something I can now do… that’s preposterous. I am not biogenetically engineered or supernaturally gifted to sing with the range of Kenny Lattimore. I’m just not. BUT, there are millions of things I CAN do that I won’t be ABLE to do if I don’t BELIEVE I can do them. So what’s the conclusion?

I must cultivate a continual state of belief.

I must learn what I cannot do, by believing there is nothing I cannot do.

It’s not lying to myself. It’s the only way to maximize my system. Because, you see, every system has boundaries. Maximizing the system of self is the process of living unlimited within your discovered boundaries.

Strength is a choice; not a benefit.

Think Disney Hercules.

Hercules284He thought his great strength was the benefit of his divine heritage.

But, what he learned through various struggles, and trials, and heartaches was that strength – being strong – was a choice he had to make every single moment of every single day.

What am I saying here?

That the gifts you are born with don’t substitute the necessity of you intentionally choosing them.

Maximize your system.

I Am the Matrix

This was purposefully brief.

I didn’t want to wander all over the place, analyzing systems and sharing life lessons. There are so many. Almost too many share in a sense.

But in another sense, this is the only one that really matters.

I am the Matrix.

You are the Matrix.

Our identities are the greater realities to be discovered. Learning, intimately, how we flow and function through the various systems in life that we don’t control. Living unlimited within discovered boundaries.

It sounds new age, but it’s not.

Really briefly… The Bible opens with God describing identity. Man and Woman made in His image. Ergo, the grandest reality to awaken to is ourselves, because that leads us to God. Let me borrow a math concept now- if A = B and B = C, then A = C.

This means that GOD is the grandest reality we can awaken to. Learning more about God unveils the deeper aspects of our individual identity. Exploring the deeper aspects of our individual identity teaches us more about God.

And it all goes back to systems.

Study the systems.




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