10 Ways to Be Awesome Without Trying

Here’s a fun list (loosely based on my own life and the observation of other awesome people) that I thought you’d all enjoy! Add your own awesome tips in the comments!


1) Mash Songs That Don’t Mix

This is one of my favorites. There are two variations. The first one is to replace the words in inappropriate songs with contrary lyrics.

Example: “I beat the demon up, up, up, up…”

The other one is to sing your favorite verses to other tunes. Have you ever sang T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” to Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would’ve Made It”? Or the hook of “Oceans” in the background of the legendary tune “Let It Go”? Try it. Super fun. Super awesome.

2) Month-a-thon

Pick your favorite movie series and-

Sidenote: If you don’t have a favorite movie series (meaning duology, trilogy, or more), then your first step is to get one. Lol

Anyway, as I was saying, pick your favorite movie series and watch it at least once a month. Carve out the time. Even if you have to do it across two days. Totally worth it! I drop the ball on this one sometimes, but it’s still awesome! And, if you’re looking for variety, rotate in another movie series that you also love.

3) Dance Off to the Invisible Dance Robots


If you feel the need to dance somewhere… don’t hold back. Understand that at all times there are legions of invisible dance robots constantly throwing down the gauntlet and waiting to see what you’ve got.

Give em hell. Break it down one time.

4) The Rite Thrift

This is simple (and kind of geo-focused).

Go to Rite-Aid and treat yourself to their awesome ice cream anytime you feel it’s been too long.

For bonus points, promise a friend the best ice cream ever, bask in their skepticism as you walk into Rite-Aid, and then glory in their ecstasy as they taste the greatest ice cream ever.

Sidenote: If you don’t have a Rite-Aid, substitute your favorite local underestimated ice cream supplier. 😉

5) Toss Your Catchphrase

Make up your own catchphrase (or catchphrases) and then just start saying them. Sure, people will laugh and call you crazy… but keep it up. You know why?

Because it’ll grow on folks. They’ll say it without realizing it. Lol And even if they fight it, you have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s burrowing its way deep into their mind. Muahahahahahahahahahaha.


6) End With Five

Start randomly ending your conversations with a high five. You’ve got to own it though. Hold your hand up there like it belongs. Because it does.

High fives are awesome.

7) Log Serious Bro Time

Get the homies together and do something fun. I recommend Laser Tag. But feel free to do whatever. It’s a good reset. It’s necessary.

And, of course, ladies should log serious… Sis Time? Gal Hours. Lady Chill? I don’t know. Whatever you all call it, you should log some serious of it. 😀

8) Wave At Strangers

And smile sincerely.

Pure. Unadulterated. Awesome.

9) Disneyland

The point here is not to actually go to Disneyland (though a marvelous and wondrous place it is), but go to a theme park that you love! Or a carnival, or a festival, or a fair. These places are worlds within our worlds. Places that prick our imaginations and fun places inside of us.

Have fun!

10) Burn Rubber

Goooooooooooo somewhere!

Every few months take a road trip, or inexpensive flight somewhere. If you’re really tapped for funds, go visit somewhere cool or nature heavy. A museum. A lake. An antique bookstore. Go ahead.

Take your fun on the road.


And there you have it!

10 easy ways to be awesome without trying!

What are some things you’d add??


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