One Year Squared


As most of you know by now, my wife and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday (July 19, 2015). Apparently a news outlet got wind of it and they sent their star reporter – Jello Delavanche – to interview us and ask a few questions on how it’s going so far. Part of the interview is located below. The rest of it is over on my wife’s blog, which can be found here.

A peek behind the JEsquared curtain.



Jello Delavanche: Good afternoon, thank you for meeting with me Mr. and Mrs. Evans.

Josh: No problem, it’s our pleasure.

Jess: No problem at all.

Josh: How do you pronounce your last name?

Jess: Wow.

Jello Delavanche: [laughs] It’s no worries. I get that a lot. It’s pronounced “day-la-von-chay.”

Josh: Thank you.

Jello Delavanche: My pleasure. Now, I’m going to ask you both a mixture of annoying questions that most people ask, private questions, and a few fun ones for good measure! Shall we get right into it?

Josh: Yeah! Let’s do it!

Jess: We’re ready.


JD: So, by now I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times, but indulge me by answering once more for all the public to know. How’s married life?

Josh: [laughs] It’s good! By far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s good. I get annoyed a lot, but most of the time that’s because she’s overall better at being happy than I am. [Laughs] I’m not a grouch, but I tend to analyze whether or not a moment calls for happiness, while she will just… be happy. But it’s good. Marriage is good.

Jess: I never know how to answer this question without just saying it’s “ good.” [laughs] But it is. It is definitely a lot of work, but so worth it. You don’t realize how many things you have to work on until you’re married! Haha

JD: They say the first year is extremely tough- was that true for you two?

Josh: HA! Heck yeah. We talk about it all the time. I can’t even pinpoint any one thing and say “THAT” is what made it so tough. It was just… tough. Everywhere, all over the place. And frustrating. Because you enter marriage (or at least I did) thinking we’d be different. But no. That prophetic first year punch in the face caught us squarely between the eyes.

Jess: Ummm… I suppose. I just think the toughest part is that no matter what people tell you, you don’t really know how to be married until you already are. Everything that comes with that is what is hard. It’s just like one day you’re in a relationship and then the next day, you’re doing life together in all aspects.

JD: How do you feel about your in-laws?

Josh: [laughs] In-laws are funny things. Not them, but the idea. Before I got married “in-laws” were always some mysterious alien people you inherited once married. Once I actually got married though, I was like oh- these are my family now. And family is really personal to me. Means a lot. So recognizing that I’d just inherited so many additions was mind boggling. I love em. But it was mind boggling. I don’t know if that fully answers the question or not, but yeah. [laughs]

Jess: I love them! Like Josh, I agree that it is very interesting to just sort of have this other family now, and even more interesting that they actually feel like family. [laughs] It really started to hit me when we were celebrating holidays and birthdays. Its great though, more people to love and people who love me- I can never get enough of love and family.

JD: What’s your sex life like?

Josh: Ha! My mother might read this. [laughs] I will say this though- sexual activity when saved and married is definitely different than any sexual activity in the world. Out there it’s a wild, desolate wasteland. Every man/woman for his or herself. Pleasure by any means necessary. In marriage… it’s give and receive. The height of pleasure coincides with your unity. How in tune you are to one another on so many levels, especially because it’s going to be forever… not just a night.

Jess: Lol! Yeah, what he said.

JD: If you could only give one piece of advice to dating couples, engaged couples, or just people desiring to be married in general… what would it be?

Josh: Get. COUNSELING. [laughs] Get very wise counseling. A wise, spiritually grounded, Christian married couple. Two sets. One for objective counseling. And one for walking with. Who will pour into you, pray with you, check you, and who genuinely loves you enough to inconvenience themselves so that you and your spouse/spouse to be can be better. And if you’re single… still get counseling. It makes so much of a difference. We didn’t really start until after we got married, but we realized how much of a game changer it is and would have been had we done it sooner.

Jess: Hmm…well I agree with Josh, counseling for sure! But, also… don’t be afraid to change. Everything is subject to change. [laughs] Old habits that you have, ways that you just do stuff, etc. Marriage is like holding up a mirror and seeing all the stuff on the inside. Its hard work, but don’t be afraid of it. Go into the marriage loving each other and yourself for who you currently are but also understand that as you grow together, you change together as well.



Jello Delavanche: Well. This has been a sensational interview Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Thank you so much for being so candid and willing to let people get a glimpse of real married life one year in. This has been a remarkable experience and I’m sure everyone else will think so as well. I feel inspired myself to find a wife and join the married club. [laughs]

Josh: Do it man! [laughs] It’s a great life.

Jello Delavanche: Thank you, thank you. Before we go, do either of you have any parting words?

Josh: This would be the time to plug my book. But I haven’t written it yet. [laughs] I just wanna say… live the love everybody. Live the love and live wise. And… even though I don’t know if this will make it past the edits- may the Force be with you.

Jess: Ha! Thank you again for taking the time to interview us!

Jello Delavanche: My pleasure, my pleasure. You two are wonderful people and I hope to see you again!


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