Grow Up

There comes a time when the inspiration must make contact with reality.

Where the motivation must mature.

Where the desire to “make a difference” is cleanly juxtaposed against the freedom to do so.

Otherwise you will never work hard enough. There will always be an emotion that can dissuade you or an inconvenience that can tame you.

This inspiration, this dream, is supposed to change your life and the lives of others, but you use life as the reason that you’re not bringing it into fruition.

I am not preaching neglect.

I am preaching maturation.

A child gifted in sports plays at the park a few times a week, and is satisfied his or her skills are intact.

An adult gifted in sports plays at the park, studies at home, watches professionals, and employs imagination to find creative ways to further do what’s already being done.

While it is true that it is possible to desire the dream and not care about the money… It is not possible to care about the dream and not care about the quality of living. Because if the quality of living drops too low, pursuing the dream and impacting the world becomes impossible. You may not need a mansion, but you do need somewhere to live. You may not need to eat 3 meals a day, but you do need to eat.

Feel me?

There are ways around these things (free food, gifted housing, etc), but a majority of people do not receive such luxuries. Some sort of financial sustenance must be put into play. And that is when the inspiration, motivation, and passion must evolve into its matured form.

You’re not doing what you do (or seeking to do what you do) for the money- but you are doing it with the money in mind. You recognize that for you to effectively live with the fullness and impact you envision, that you must be able to devote large quantities of time to it. So, even if you can’t devote that time now, the goal is to be able to devote that time in the future.

And, granted, there are some dreams and passions and desires for impact that merge seamlessly (or in some cases even blossom bountifully) with the daily job grind. I am not knocking that in the least bit. Are you living with fullness and impact? More power to you. That’s the whole point.

But for those of us to whom such a merger simply isn’t possible (not in accordance with the vision anyway), we must move beyond the conflicted notion of “doing it for the money.” Mature. You’re doing it with the money in mind, because that frees you to evoke greater and greater impact and manifest bigger and more detailed vision.

Mature your inspiration and motivation.

Your vision has put in its work, by weighing on your mind.

Now you get to work, by placing the weight of that vision on the world.

Without work… nothing works.



2 thoughts on “Grow Up

  1. …I finish reading and then my eyes begin to water… because it was more than clear that God is talking to me through this post! Literally having quiet time with him right now, my phone sounds the email notification, I check it (which I would not normally do during a time of devotion) and it’s the notification for this new post. Completely blessed. I’ll be reading a few times more… I need motivation to jump!

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