A Love That Sees


Previously I wrote concerning what I considered to be the appropriate response of the Church to the entire lgbt community and their supporters (in regards to the recent law passed legalizing gay marriage in America).

That can be read here.

But today I write out of concern for what the Church’s response ought to be (in my humble opinion) to itself.

And for that, we turn our soul lens on Jesus Himself.

Jesus loved Judas Iscariot. Loved him. Dearly. He fellowshipped with him, broke bread with him, affirmed his talents, and placed him in a position of great trustworthiness. He did not hold back ever, never, not even for a second. Never missed a beat or put on. Jesus was completely authentic in his proactively unrelenting love towards this disciple of His.

And yet…

He knew Judas was the betraying instrument that would serve as the catalyst to His brutal crucifixion. He knew it as surely as He knew His own divinity and the profound salvation necessity for humanity that hung upon His death and resurrection.

Jesus knew when the people celebrated Him and praised Him the week before His execution, that these very same people would be captivated by delusion just a week later. Stirred to frenzy by impassioned words demonically distorted, and crying out for the liberation of a known thief and murderer instead.

Jesus knew.

And Jesus loved.


The point I am illustrating here is that unconditional love is no perpetrator of ignorance.

Unconditional love is no perpetrator of ignorance.

The whole concept of loving people is popularly coupled with a sort of, almost expected, blindness to a present state of error. It is true that love keeps no record of wrongs, but it is equally true that love recognizes a persistent state of wrongness.

Simply put- If swimming is bad, I forgive you for being wet and splashing me, but I acknowledge that you’re still in the water. This is the life you have chosen for yourself. No love lost or lessened in authenticity in any capacity. Just recognition.

Love is not blind.

Love is sharply perceptive, denying neither its unconditionality nor its keen observations in order to exist.

Therefore, have no reservations about lavishing a life of Christ love on the lgbt community and their supports… but also allow yourself to observe the truth of what is coming.

With the legalization of gay marriage comes the obligation for every government organization to comply.

This seems dismissively obvious at first glance, but remember- these are modern times. The “Church” – despite its constant cries of separation from State – has become an institution of the state. All across the United States of America, more churches are registered as non-profit organizations than not. This has always confused me, because Jesus Himself said to pay to Caeser what is Caesar’s… pay those taxes in other words. I don’t presume to know Jesus’ exact reasoning, but I find it incredibly interesting that dodging the paying of taxes results in the church being stripped of its social and cultural power.

Remember- being highly tolerated is not the same as being independent. No matter the circumstance, a puppet on strings is still a puppet. Still controlled by the manipulating hand above it.

What am I saying?

I’m saying… they’ll be coming for us soon Church. Judas is coming for us. The people we freely walk in love towards will be coming for us… forcing us into capitulation. And it won’t even be against our will, because we are the ones who chose the NPO status. Sure we can puff up and say “No matter what the government says, I’m sticking to the Bible!” but it’s just a delusion. How are you gonna put yourself in someone’s back pocket and then claim you’re going to live your way? It just doesn’t work.

Now, let me clarify… I am not painting some sort of “Us vs Them” scenario.  At all. What I am painting is the reality that when different communities are at odds, peace is difficult to broker when one of them has the upper hand.

If your church is an NPO, I urge you to please reconsider. If you’re not the pastor of your church, then I urge you to speak to your pastor about changing the status. There will be enough struggles as it is, simply because we represent Jesus. No point in handicapping ourselves by trading our legal freedoms over just to save a few dollars.

Live the unrelenting love of Christ everywhere, and lavish it on everybody- the lgbt community and their supporters included.

But look at the whole picture that love reveals to you.

Recognize what’s coming.

Adjust accordingly.

Jesus’ words when He first commissioned the 12 still apply to this day.

Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” -Matthew 10:16



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