Get Moving


I think, in the end, we all want to be proud of how far we’ve come… to look back and see the testament of a life fully lived… we just, are unsure, how to harness the discipline and resilience to master the visible now that will lead us, like stones skipping across a lake, to the invisible what is to be. And so we panic, and withdraw. We are not erasing our futures- we are postponing them, edging them out of the accessible plane by setting up camp on the plateau of the now.

That, my friends, is irresponsible living. A bodyguard contracted to protect his charge, must put himself through private training- not just wait to receive accolades when he’s on the job. Because when danger comes- and danger will come, for it always comes- the bodyguard will become his own liability. Incapable of the very thing he was contracted for.

Do not be a wax version of yourself. Be the real thing. You’ve been contracted by God to be ___________ (enter your name). He will train you. He will empower you. He will walk with you. He will even let the weight of being you fall onto His shoulders, if you just take His hand. The board has been set up for you to win from the beginning. But He won’t walk your path for you. He may strongly encourage, but He won’t force any steps out of you. The road of responsible living is paved with intentionality. Walk on purpose, in purpose.

Your dream isn’t too crazy or too hard. Your vision isn’t a delusion.

Take God’s hand. Intentionally walk your path and put in all necessary work at every appropriate moment. The dream will be honed, the vision refined, and the manifestation built. And every so often… like a traveler who loses track of time because he concentrates on the consistency of his footsteps… you will look back and see how far you have come. You will be proud. And that will be fuel.

And at the very end… when there are no more steps  to take… the desire that currently haunts you will then cradle you… and you will look back in peace and joy and be proud of the life you fully lived. No regrets. And you will remember this day. Or tomorrow. Or the next. Or the day after that. You will remember when you decided to put the wax down… when you admitted to God that fully living is wholly impossible without His welcomed presence… when “just be yourself” became a rousing war cry instead of a placating bird call. You will remember when you took responsibility for the life assigned to your care.

You will briefly experience a moment close to Godhood as you see the beginning from the end even as you saw the end from the beginning. And you will know, intimately like you’ve never known anything before, that the power of God courses through your veins. Then. And always.

So take a note from the you who has fought, won, and endured to the end. Put the wax down. Slip back into God’s embrace. Reassess your life. Take responsibility. Make a decision. And go. Don’t just pray before you go- pray as you go.

Don’t edge your life out.

Strap those walking boots on… and get moving.



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