Part II: Beyond the Lights

Hey guys!

Thanks for tuning in to my second installment in this short Beyond the Lights series.

It’s about a 3-4 minute read.

And if you haven’t yet, stroll on over and read part one here.

Enjoy 🙂


“Behind the lights there is tyranny.

Beyond the lights there is freedom and power.

But in the lights is nothing but blinding captivity. 

This must not be my friends. 

We’ve got to start doing something different.”


Very few changes, if any at all, are capable of being made without a change in perception.


Doing different requires seeing different… even if the sight is only in your mind. Even if the sight is only with your faith. Even if the sight… is only sight itself.

“I see you…” –Kaz

At that moment, whether Noni knew it or not, she had received the one thing she so desperately needed. It was something that, when lacked, twists a maelstrom of ever maddening fury around deep in one’s heart. It is a fury that blossoms even as it performs; that explores uncharted waters of personal terror and misery even as it portrays unmatched happiness and gratitude. The lack of that one thing- the one thing he freely gave her in that moment, with only a dim understanding of its potency- is what the industry used to bait her with.

Permission. To. Be.

Who is Noni? What does Noni want? Where does Noni want to go?

Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to go?

You see why the bait works? They ask questions upon which life hinge, provide answers that aren’t answers at all but just more fuel to our tank of ambition, and then propose a trade. The trade, in so many words, is this:

“Under our ownership, we will make you into what you want to be.”

But owners have their own vision, and their own purposes. That’s why they made the purchase. And over time the real Noni became invisible; the manufactured became all consuming. I know many people will say that sometimes folks really do want to become what the industry introduces us to them as. Perhaps. But in order to really find that out for sure, we’d have to get them behind closed doors and ask…

Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to go?

Artists/Outside the Box thinkers/Dreamers all live in something that is best described as a fairytale world. A world without limitations. A world where there is no word for “impossible.”

The public and the industry call it a fantasy- they call it their future. They understand that the only way to get to their envisioned future is to live it out now. There is no present. Only the future.

The gift of sight, then, is invaluable to such as these. Being seen means that they are not crazy. Being seen can pull some of them from the extreme dangers that living in the future can forcibly bring them to. Being seen can release them of the pressure of compliance and even pull them back once they’ve reached the point of no return. Being seen can save lives. Being seen can put the fight back into people.

Beyond the Lights isn’t a movie aimed at artists and creative types. It’s not even a movie aimed at the industry.

Beyond the Lights is a movie aimed at the people.

The consumers. It is an earth shattering question doled out in bite sized bits over the course of an hour and fifty six minutes.

Put simply- “Is your entertainment worth the life of the entertainer?”

The pedestal has been brought down. The dazzle and glamour is little more than dots of errant glitter strewn across the floor. They are not gods, they are not almighty heroes. They are people. People who can do wonderful, amazing, jaw dropping things, yes… but still people.

People who remind us that the ability to defy impossible is in each of us… But still people.

People who need us to value their life before their craft, just as much as we need them to value their craft to inspire our lives.

Who’s going to protect our girls? Our men even? The industry won’t stop as long as they profit. They’re playing their role behind the lights. We’ve got to start seeing our entertainers- mainstream, indie, and young/undiscovered- so that we can shield them. So that we can help them not lose themselves to the monster waiting to consume them from within the instant they start to become invisible.

Is your entertainment worth the life of the entertainer?

I challenge you to inspire… just as you crave being inspired.

I challenge you to fight… being an indifferent consumer.

I challenge you to see… beyond the lights.



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