Six Packs and Rent Checks

Honeymoons don’t pay rent and love makin don’t make abs.

I imagine that being said with a wry country accent, bemused smile on a weathered face peeking out from beneath a wide brimmed cowboy hat. Lol But it’s so true nonetheless!

Honeymoons don’t pay rent and love makin don’t make abs.

On this, my three month anniversary of being married to my incredible wife, that’s what is preeminent on my mind.

The day, the wedding day, was SUCH a blast. Such unrivaled love and fun and community… truly the best day of my entire life (even trumping the Star Wars convention of ’07 ;-D). I was surrounded by family, a few of my absolute closest friends, family and friends to be, and- of course- my bride. We drifted, dreamlike, almost as if on a cloud, through the dressing room jitters and the ceremony. We began to awaken sometime during the festivities of our energetically unique reception, and as one of my best friends pulled out in his 300c with us in tow headed towards the airport… We realized-

This was no dream- this was our new reality. We made it!

And, in a sense, we had.

But, in another equally visceral sense, we hadn’t.

Have you heard the phrase “A wedding is a day, but marriage is a lifetime”? Perhaps no truer words have ever been spoken in all of history. We were at the beginning… of forever. Movingly poetic and unapologetically commissioning, but totally real.

Honeymoons don’t pay rent and love makin don’t make abs.

This line came to me out of nowhere because it represents the things you don’t have the capacity to plan for when you’re consumed with something good. We were planning a wedding and a honeymoon for so many months that paying rent became a secondary concern for me. Almost an assumed factor. A bridge to cross upon arrival. And as far as, heh, love makin… The struggle was rrrreeeeeeeaaaaalllllllllll SON!!! What’s a six pack?? I can’t wait to consummate!!

That’s more or less where I was at.

And in addition to getting back and adjusting to coming to real life (paying rent) and enjoying the newlywed life without degenerating into a complete slob (working out), I found out some other things I couldn’t have hoped to prepare for, because I was consumed with the good of being married.

Bachelor life for a guy is very simple- Cereal and PB&J. A bed (couches are unnecessary luxuries). Video games. Kool-Aid. These are things I understand. My wife likes to cook… likes to hear feedback on cooking. To me? Eating the homecooked food and having a good time is my proof that I like it- heck, I consider it a win to even be eating homecooked food! But, especially being a new wife, it means a lot to her for me to say it out loud. I’m fond of “me” time- as in me, by myself, doing something I enjoy. She’s fond of “me” time too- as in both of us together doing something not totally mutually exclusive. Huh?? Yeah. She enjoys ratchet tv (flavor of love reruns); I hate ratchet tv- I feel like I’m burning critical brain cells every time I even catch a passing glimpse.

She puts the dishes away differently from how my mom does. She likes to talk about everything; I like to think about everything. She has an issue remembering to close cabinets (argh!!). I don’t always get to listen to music when I shower, because (rightfully so) if she wakes up before I do she puts on what she wants to listen to.

The list goes on and on… Some things were revolving door arguments early on… 95% of those things are just objects of amusement now. Some things we just know get on each other’s nerves, and we keep it pushing with life. It’s hard to know to focus on love until love is literally what you depend on to keep focus. That’s the area we’re steadily evolving in… Talking about a family, looking down the long road we have to travel together… if we don’t focus on love, we don’t stand a chance of making it.

But I love her man… I really, really do. I love this crazy, over hype girl, with hood tendencies and nerd undertones.

And, three months in, that’s come up as a critical aspect of what this journey is all about. Walking in true love and active faith.

Oh crap… faith. Man- THAT has been a wild ride all on its own!! This wasn’t supposed to be a two part blog, but I guess it just became one. Haha. I’ll post about developing active faith later on this week.

But overall everybody’s journey, I think, is about walking in true love and active faith. 🙂

That’s all for now, friends.

Two fingers.

Spread em.




2 thoughts on “Six Packs and Rent Checks

  1. I’m not married but I thought this was awesome. Congrats on your 3 months of marriage with many more months and years to go

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