She’ll Kill Ya


**There’s always so much to say about relationships and relationship management… and it’s usually always to women… Or insulting to men.

Well- I’m changing all that… here is something I’ve coined “Inspirational Caution.”

Dear Brothers…

Don’t rate the Ruths by the Jezebels. If she rejects being positioned by God, then she will disjoint you from your whole kingdom. Charm is deceitful because it beguiles your mind into believing that as long as that special attraction is there, your soul is protected. Beauty is fleeting, because at the end of your life you need to see if you’ve been living WITH life or living with death.

Check now- what lies beneath the beauty?

It’s not worth being with shapely darkness- because you’re lonely, bored, excited, don’t wanna be embarrassed, etc- when your own light will bear the expense. Jezebels are hazards to their husbands and, by default, their kids. Sure God can work a miracle- that’s always true but how much reaping of what you sowed will you have to partake in before that happens? 

Sowing into the flesh reaps corruption. Sowing into the Spirit reaps life. Easy to evaluate then. Is she bringing corruption, darkness,HalfDeadHalfAlive or just opposition to what God is doing? Not by accident or growth… but knowingly?  Are you distracted by her charm? Do trustworthy and discerning people get a weird feeling about her? She ain’t the one.

On the other side- does she bring you life? Are any one of your kingdoms (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) expanding in a wholesome fashion because of her? Do trustworthy and discerning people embrace her? Chances are you found yourself a Ruth. Ruths are always allowing themselves to be positioned by God.

Jezebels are always looking for a way to alter what God is positioning.

Just a word of caution to my fellow men out there, earnestly desiring a wife and considering/dating someone who raises enough red flags to cause concern, but not enough to cause alarm. Pump your brakes… Don’t try and blend righteous living with a Jezebel spirit…

Not worth it bro. Even if you’ve slipped up and slept with her (get wise counsel if sleeping with her results in pregnancy). Or told her you love her. Break off your engagement if you have to. This is real life here. And you deserve all of what God has for you.

Deuces up.








I’m out.


**Disclaimer: My relationship is absolutely fine. Lol My fiance and I wed in 34 days, and I’m ecstatic. We have issues as any couple do, but nothing’s inherently wrong with us. This post was not passive aggressive self reflection, but rather external observation and concern.

Engagement has sharpened my eyes and my care for my brothers in this department. Being in it, I see how much it takes and how- if you’re not in it with the right woman (a Ruth)- it can be an utter disaster that plagues your whole life. Proverbs is riddled with such warnings about choosing the wrong one… As well as encouragements and affirmations in wisely getting hitched to the right one.

Thank God I’m with a right one Ruth by the name of Jessica Belle (soon to be Evans).MeandmyBabee




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