It Sucks, But Now What?


Wow !!

Three months in, but here is my first blog post of 2014… Happy New Year everybody 🙂

As I’ve been living, and wedding planning, and fighting to produce quality art, and interacting with various genres of artists spanning miscellaneous ranges of intellectual fortitude, I’ve observed something critical.  Something so crucial to every human life, that it has (in my opinion) become obviously missed.  That is to say- missed because it is obvious.

Life requires hard work.

Contrary to popular opinion this isn’t a formula to be applied, or a caste specific phenomenon dividing the elite from the mediocre.  In all truth, the phrase ought to be restructured.

Life requires demands hard work.

That’s better.

We know all of the positive things that require hard work (income, success, marital faithfulness, lasting friendships, new clothes, etc).  But there are an equal amount of negative things in life that require just as much hard work.  Being homeless is hard work.  You’re standing out all day panhandling.  Forcing yourself not to get a job or dealing with the emotional side effects of not being able to get one.  Being mediocre is hard work.  Instead of staying up late hammering out your enterprise you are spending money, relaxing, or sleeping- sounds good on the surface, but those are all efforts that take energy… away from being successful.  Work.

Infidelity is hard work.  Not only the labor of living two lives, but also sexing at home and out of home.  Confusing your thoughts on loyalty and what you really want.  Quite excruciating.  Bad friendships are hard work.  Even when it comes easy- being a gossip, unreliable, inconsiderate, inaccessibly stubborn, demanding… Sucks2that’s INCREDIBLE work.  Ever notice that these people tend to drink or have some other similar outlet?  If it was un-taxing why would they need that?

Because it’s work.

I could go on and on, but the point belabors its own self.

In the world of the living, Life is master, and we WILL put in the hard work.

So it dawned on me recently… why, not… just- ya know- put the work in where I gain the most benefit?  If I’m going to have to work hard ANYway, and there’s no way this plays out where I’m NOT putting in hard work… wouldn’t the smartest move to make be to angle the working hard in my favor?


So- I’ve been doing this in small ways recently… I eventually want to have a fully operational comic book company featuring my characters and stories.  Sooooo every week (for the last four) I’ve been writing at least one issue.  Work.  I don’t have an artist or backing or anything that I will eventually need- but when I find it I’ll be ready.  When I get married I want to have an amazing body-  the type of six pack that still runs together even when you quit holding your breath (yeah I said it).  What have I been doing?  I increased my days at the gym, created a personal workout for at home, and started making sure that I’m doing something at least five days a week.  Work.

There are a few other personal small steps of hard work that I’ve been implementing, and… it feels good. In a miserable-but-I-know-it’s-beneficial-so-push-through-and-try-not-to-be-a-punk sorta way. Haha.  It’s good overall, and that’s what matters.  Life looks different through sweaty lenses.  And I’ve learned one other thing…


Motion begets evolution.

The more I stick to this slow swelling drive to bend working hard in my favor, the more I find myself taking charge in the areas where I may be stuck working hard just because (like my job).  Example: I need my present job still, yes, but not only am I looking for something more suitable, I’m also assembling a portfolio and starting a company.  I’m investigating academic paths that I am personally invested in (which would, obviously, eventually lend a hand in generating income).  Suddenly my hard work of necessity is no longer an eternal cage beneath the castle walls, but rather a ball and chain on a timed, explosive release.

As I move- I grow.  I evolve.

Which makes sense, because the less I move, the more dead I feel.

It becomes a lot easier to be [me], when I’m working hard on purpose.

Sure the fact that we’ll work hard in life regardless of anything we achieve or don’t achieve SUCKS (royally), but- now what?




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