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Close your eyes and look backwards through your timestream…

Time and again you will discover those special “wings up” moments.

Instances where you should’ve died, but you lived… Should’ve been sunk, but had a lucky break… Should’ve failed miserably and somehow came out ahead…


Whether invisible forces, direct interventions from God Himself, or the simple unexpected aid of another human being- whatever form that life altering action took… it was at the hands of an angel.

There’s a reason that grandmothers refer to polite, strapping young lads as “angels.”  Or why committed men in love refer to their female counterparts as “angels.”  Or why when you do something for someone that they (unbeknownst to you or not) desperately needed, look at you with glowing eyes and say you MUST be an angel… to which you may laugh off uneasily as you recall your last 72 errors in the blink of an eye.

But what angel is perfect?

“Angel” can be divided into two meanings: the literal, spiritual beings and the qualities associated with them.

Technically speaking we ALL can be angels when defining by the latter.

When we begin to live, not from what we DO, but from who we ARE, amazing things will begin to overtake us.

Students study and go to school.  Laborers- keep working.  Pedestrians- don’t miss that bus.  Teammates- play your position and play it well.  The angel quality isn’t about being something extra or conjuring some mystical, divine nature out of the air. That’s witchcraft.  Angels (the beings) are, because they are.  Trees and rocks and other such elements of nature… are.  Humans are the only ones who have individualized identities and try to bend them into something else.

It is in the midst of your being you that the angel in you will manifest.  Waiting for that bus and a homeless person asks for $$ the same day you have some extra dough in your pocket.  Minding your business in class and someone takes a shine to you and makes it their mission to talk to you allllllllll the time.  Grandpa’s birthday comes around and you know nobody in the family likes to talk to him- and you feel like it would be the decent thing to call him.  Offering your crestfallen, homeless friend sanctuary on your floor or couch even for just one night. Angel opportunities are all around us.  The opportunities to save one another from things we may not even be able to see.

And if the world were filled with people surrendering to their angel instincts… what sort of world might this actually be?

Life is simple- dodging the work of the simplicity is what makes it complicated.



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