The Scientific Faith

I have found that faith, of any sort, yields most when most left to its own devices… that is- when it is permitted to exist without being quantified.  To be embraced regardless of how logically you may or may not be able to explain it.

And I say “faith of any sort” in ode to the era, because I have also found… that there is but one faith.  Faith is.  How you use it may vary… but faith itself is an objective, standalone, my-way-or-the-highway type of element.

Faith, according to Webster, is defined as: “confidence or trust in a person or thing” “belief that is not based on proof” “belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion”

Faith according to the Bible is: “the substance of things hope for- evidence of things not seen”

We can see at once how nearly identical the two are.  They both point to a deep, semi-mysterious “other.”  Some invisible quality or aspect of being that requires absolute devotion to serve as anything beyond minimal good or benefit.  The Biblical definition actually takes the concept a tier lower than glorified persistent belief…  “the substance of things hoped for” and the “evidence of things not seen.”


In laymen’s laymen’s terms… Substance is “stuff.”  Because hope is contingent upon something not yet realized or achieved (afterall who hopes for what he already sees or has?) the very “stuff” you’re hoping for is, itself, faith.  You don’t have it.  Don’t know if you’ll get it.  Shoot for all you know it’s an impossibility !!  All you have is your spark moment- that moment where something triggered inside of you moved you to legitimately desire this invisible, potentially impossible thing.  To have this hope.  Whether it’s to be debt free, to have kids before your grandmother dies, or simply to have gas for work the next day…

You’re hoping for all of whatever it is and have power over none of it.  Except for your faith.  The act alone of hoping  for this “stuff” is all the power you have- that “stuff” or “substance” of which you hope IS faith- for at that moment something unseen and possibly impossible has just been dragged into our world of potential reality.

Faith is the word between worlds.


Proof basically.  You go to court.  What does the Judge ask for?  Proof.  A visually verifiable representation of the verdict in question.  Evidence in other words.

But what do you do when you’re the only one who can see it?

Imagine going into a courtroom, armored up to the T with convicting evidence that will undoubtedly steer the verdict in your favor.  You get before the Judge and… he can’t see it.  The jurors can’t see it.  Security guards look confused.  Opposing lawyers wearing a smirk.  General ridicule begins to fill the atmosphere, and feelings of stupidity and inferiority begin to trickle along your spine.  You have proof- you have your evidence… but it is invisible to the naked eye.

First one in your family to graduate college.  A great husband or wife to your spouse than what you saw at home.  Making something of yourself after being locked up for ten years.  A successful writer.  Paying rent on time.  Getting a major job you don’t necessarily qualify for.  Starting your own business.  Reconciling with your most stringent family members.  Changing the face of your ragged community.


Which is precisely why it is faith.  You have again wrenched something unseen in this world, and possibly impossible, into the near tangible realm of potential reality.

Faith IS the word between worlds.  Remember that.

And oftentimes in order to see faith properly we have to sort of “not see” it.  Faith maximizes when it is known, not calculated.

Move it, move it

Faith prompts action.


If you have your hope, but live like your hope will never arrive, you invalidate your faith.

If you have your internal evidence of something unseen, but operate solely on the seen, you invalidate your faith.

Essentially if you do anything other than live as if your faith is real (in whatever form that may take) you invalidate your faith.

And, of course, an invalidated faith is the same as no faith at all.

You got faith?  Awesome.  You’ve cleared your first hurdle.

Now move it.

The Gratification of Scientific Faith

Well… the title is misleading.  Scientific faith- a faith justified and embraced only by its close proximity to plausible logic and fathomable reason- is NOT gratifying at ALL.  It’s the worse sort of trap.  It’s launching the rocket into space with no plotted trajectory.  Running an Olympic marathon through the bleachers.  Cooking a ten piece dinner and then freezing it for later.

Scientific faith is all the work of faith with none of the replenishing benefits.

Faith realized, of course, is empowering and motivating to have faith in the future.  Faith unrealized… should be just that.  Faith unrealized.  Because surely it doesn’t take a genius to see that someone who is continually yanking that which does not exist over into the realm of potential reality will naturally have a higher quality of life?  AND it’s only a matter of time before something, whether that specific hope or evidence or other stuff, will come through.  Something equally possibly impossible and unseen.

Faith could also be described as “applied knowledge of persistence” since we know that it is rooted in hope and belief.

Am I saying faith will never make sense?  Absolutely not !  Sometimes faith plays out and we are able to grasp it.  What I’m saying is that our ability to grasp/understand it or not is irrelevant.  It is faith.  It’s about the unseen and possibly impossible.

The ultimate use of faith, of course, is in Jesus Christ…

But I’m not here to convince you of that.   I’m not even here to unravel the mystery of faith and outline six steps to get it to work for you every single time.  Faith will disappoint sometimes- how else can it be authenticated?

But beyond that… faith is a mystery.  I would even go so far as to say that if there is no mystery about the faith- nothing about it that you simply don’t understand or have an answer for- that there is really no faith.

Haha  “There’s no faith if you know faith.”  Just made that up. Lol

But really though… Think about it.

Faith- the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen- this great mystery force, overwhelming power, and word between worlds… cannot be absolutely known.  I’ll leave you to identify why.

And so I also leave you, hopefully enlightened, to the ways of faith and how to delve deeper into your own mystery wherever it may take you…

But I do leave you to your mystery.

Happy… er- “Faithing.”

Wings up 🙂



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