Do you know why you believe whatever it is that you believe?

The central consciousness for the creative process lies in the heart of focused intention. You cannot create a thing without a belief in something higher than it- whether it be false or imagined.  We do what we do based upon who it is that we believe we are- the primary of life isn’t WHAT you do, but WHO you are.  Not who you may presently be, or are capable of being, but who you truly are.

Belief is the key to unlocking full truth.  You cannot doubt your way into a place that only faith can take you- belief drives everything we do, and releases the inner constructs of who we are.  Even if that belief is fueled by fear. Fear fueled belief creates beings in its own image- and we all know the many forms and insecurities that fear can take. Imagine, what a world filled with people living off of fear fueled belief would look like. Imagine the deadened creativity. The strain on relationships. The ultimate construct of fear is an environment where only catastrophe can shake you loose of it, because eventually – with a big enough catastrophe – you will override that fear and live with belief powered by the right fuel.

As I said prior, belief is necessary to anything essential. We do what we do based upon who it is we believe we are- our belief then needs to be fueled by raw desire for truth at all costs. Only then will we risk. Only then will we sacrifice. Only then will we allow ourselves to imagine ourselves beyond our current state of self.

This is why true creativity is so powerfully moving and stirring- the affirmed self identity in the presenter synchronously resonates with the true pieces of us desiring to be loosed. 

It is a give and a take.  They give us themselves, and they take our compliance. We buy into them- believe in who they are.  Give and take. We give them our trust and attention and take back our power of freedom. Our power to believe with the right fuel.

Do you know why it is you believe whatever it is that you believe?

The willingness to revisit and reassess shows the proximity of your self identity to the surface of expression of the soul- belief fueled by truth.  An unwillingness therein reveals a comforting blindness- a willingness to settle from unproductive belief rather than press.

Believe with a purpose to live convincingly in your purpose.

Believe in more for YOU.

Seek out truth at all costs.

Create authentically and liberally- tell your story.


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