The Matter of Strength


False strength yields temporary gain.

The idea of quick access to great strength is appealing to many of us in the same way that “sweets before dinner” is appealing to little kids.  There is the immediate knowledge that such a thing should not even be entertained (much less attempted), and then there is the dim knowledge that even should we attain it… such a thing would be horrible for our health.

It works the same way for the intangible rudders of intellect, emotion, and spirit.

There is no rapid way to achieve greater depth of mental processes, mature the ever evolving matrix of human emotions, or navigate the vast, influential, governing realm of spirituality.  Simply put?

The time must be taken.

Let’s dig a little into this idea of temporary gain…

For all things essential there is a defiant vein that circumvents natural processes- like skydiving without a parachute and chancing upon a exceptional updraft that cushions your fall.  In such cases you will arrive faster than the parachuting jumpers, get more glory than the parachuting jumpers, and be privy to special knowledge given the unique way you landed.  Your “strength” as a skydiver would be unparalleled because you happened upon this anomalous vein… A vein which is entirely unpredictable, unreliable, and deceitful.  Because strength is a matter of endured repetition, your once (or even twice or three times) glory dive gives you a false sense of strength that you cannot detect because it masks itself behind the victory.

And it is precisely this erratic vein that people try to sell you- or rather, they try to sell you the idea of it.  The thing itself is so fluidly irregular that they can never truly point it out or clearly display it.

So yes- there are “shortcuts” to being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong… but on that day when the updraft fails to appear, it will cost you dearly.  Beloved don’t fall for the games.  Trust me- true strength is its own reward and worth the toil of attaining it.

Skip the steroids.

Debunking ‘Buff Syndrome’

True strength is not a measure of superlatives- fastest, biggest, toughest, etc- but is instead the timeless evaluation of perseverance (progressive endurance) and bodily control.

Poetically: Weathering the weather whether there be weather or not is the mark of the strongest strong that could ever be got.

Laymen’s Terms: Strength is not in the flair, but in the details.

Simple lessons are the ones most oft forgotten.

When desiring to be strong mentally, emotionally, or spiritually do not gravitate towards the flashiest person or the gaudiest offer proclaiming some magical relief.  If it is a person that you seek- find the quiet ones.  Those whose eyes speak of a deeper burden only spoken aloud amidst those with like burdens.  Find the person who gracefully adorns the aura of faint mystery- whose strength emanates in unsuppressible waves across one’s senses.

If non-physical remedy is what you seek then learn to quiet your heart and discipline your thoughts.  Wisdom’s voice constantly ebbs and flows throughout the entirety of creation if we would only undergo the patient silence and watchfulness to obtain it.  Genuine strength is there to be had.

We’re not talking about looking strong, fabricating strength, or even simply knowing about strength… No.  What we’re talking about here is the real.  The authentic.  The observable.  The refined.  The truth.

BEING.  Strong.

Being Strong

The simplest way to be anything worthwhile is simply to BE.

When you realize that you can never arrive you will have, ironically, arrived.  Thrive in the paradox.

There is no finishline for strength.  No marker, no final lap pennant, no home stretch, no nothing.  Strength is a state of being.  The phrases associated with it are almost literal.  “I am strong.”  “I’ve got to be strong.”  “She was really strong through that.”  “He is always the strong one.”  We’ve got to BE strong, and that not through some extraordinary merit from mystical sources.  Just be.  If you encounter a situation, problem, person where strength is needed- be strong.  Choose the strong move and your mission will be complete- just keep making that choice to be.

Truth be told there only two entities upon this earth who can speak to our strength levels, great or otherwise.  The first would be Time.

Time quietly observes everything, and screechingly tells all things.  It is time which joyfully retells the saga of your strength- instance after instance after instance where you made the strong choice.  Even if that strong choice was tears, taking a necessary break, or relying upon the encouragement of friends.  Time interprets all things through wisdom and understanding- it sees who you are over what you did.  You can do actions that appear to be weak, but really be a strong person.  Likewise you can do actions that appear to be strong, but actually be weak.  Time tells of these things.

The second voice to our strength would be other people.  From weaker ones (those whose strength may not be as practiced as our own) all the way to other [consistently] strong people who recognize the identity of strength in you and applaud your bravery in enduring.  Even folks who don’t really know what strength is, nor how to accurately describe it can discern it when it is real.  They will try to explain it the best way they know how- do not be offended that they do not understand the pain it takes to be strong, and do not grow arrogant during your stretches of solitude that being strong necessitates.

Just be strong.  In all things.  “Big” and “little” are irrelevant terms because the only thing that matters is significance of impact- and whatever is capable of stealing your strength from you is significantly impactful and needs to be addressed with all seriousness.

Be strong patiently and always.  Humanity is one team with all the same needs, so be mindful to build up the strength in others around you.

Remember: Strength is something you can always be because being strong is always a choice.



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