A Letter to the Gifted

To whom it may concern,

It is not enough.

Yes, your gift is enough for the world, but as a strange twist of fate would have it… it’s not enough for you.  Being gifted in and of itself means almost nothing.  Starlight matters not until that star is hung in the darkness, and still shines.  Your gift will not carry you into light, but rather into darkness.  Will you still shine?

If you are to have any light exposure- any at all… it is because you have placed yourself there.  It is because you spend your daylight hours in the face of the sun, and when night comes you emit the sunlight that you have absorbed.  … Will you still shine?

Also, there is no substitute for hard work.  Your gift places you ahead of the curve, but you will find yourself running up last every time if it’s not backed by hard work.  They will be moving purposefully along, while you just float along the currents of circumstance.  The less gifted but more driven, will always outrank the floaters.  You are more than that- deep down you know this to be true… so live your truth.

Live your movement.  Learn the art of purpose driven contentment.  Inasmuch as the one who becomes content being single is more prepared for marriage, likewise the gifted one who works hard regardless of money/acclaim is more prepared for success.  Your dream is not invalidated because of your need to survive.  That’s why this is called hard work.

You work hard to live simply, and you work hard to evolve and display your gifted nature.  Eventually money will come.  Or perhaps not.  Do not let your soul goal be so low as to be fixated upon that which can be consumed by fire.

Strive for impact… Impact a heart, a life, a people… inspire hope, love, joy… connect by means of sympathetic/empathetic pathways… and the payment of gratitude and change will be more than sufficient.  Remember: the patients are intimately concerned with the health and livelihood of a good doctor.  It is impact that counts most, and yields most.

Cultivate a servant’s heart.  The more you serve, the further you will go.  All things in wisdom and discernment – of course – but develop the ways of a servant.  When a king approaches another king there are all sorts of protocols involved, as well as a mutually accepted suspicion of treachery.

But who has direct access to the king, a significant grasp on his nature, and is welcomed and not considered a threat?  … the king’s servant.  A king can bring a servant to a place of prestige much better than anything a normal man could have worked up to on his own.  Why?  Because royalty is reserved for the few.

You cannot “work” your way into royalty.  You cannot earn your way into royalty.  Royalty is denoted by bloodline, or by induction from somebody already royal.  Your gifted nature tags you as qualified for royal induction- so become a servant.  Go low and be lifted high.  The lessons learned at the bottom, prepare you to govern from the top.

Do not forget that you are gifted.  As ludicrous as that may sound, its importance is no less true.  You’re already gifted- so do not strive to be such.  Modern culture has trained us to believe that we can be a thing, and yet not really that thing at all.  “Not black enough,” “Not poetic enough,” “Not fashionable enough,” “Not [enter your last name] enough.”  On and on it goes… dispel with that sort of thought.  You are enough.  You are gifted.  Your focus should be honing said gifts, because what matters now is influence.

A connoisseur of influence is a master of society.

From the most gifted to the least gifted, the most intelligent to the least intelligent, the quickest witted to the slowest… None of it matters if no one will listen to you.  Influence.  Not manipulation.  Influence- that quality of life whereupon observation or encounter others are internally persuaded to receive whatever it is that you may be transmitting.

The more gifted you are – or the stronger the gifts that you possess – the more you will need to develop a spirit of influence.  The more influence you possess, the greater the responsibility you will need to walk in.  These are the principles- not the rules.  If you choose to take the path of the gifted then these are inescapable tenets that you must embrace.

Gifted (don’t try, just be) > Influence (be genuine and of good moral character) > Responsibility (carefully steward your gifts, influence, and anything resulting from them)

There is so much more to say, but not enough time to say it all…

I will end with this.

For all people- but especially for the gifted… the issues of the mind and soul are always on the table.  Mind and soul are always at stake.  Therefore, faith is absolutely irreplaceable.  Seek out the Good Lord in all that you do, and I guarantee you will skirt many of the darkeningly, toxic perils that go out of their way to plague our kind.

Authentic and healthy friendships, and a small handful of solid, spiritual guides whose lives are evidence of the divine touch of the Good Lord’s hand are critical… for just like any other spiraling energy force- we need boundaries.  Rails we can fall against that prevent us from carrying the pain of internal chaos to the four corners of the universe.

I write this letter as much to you as I do myself.

Take care, and be encouraged. You are not alone 🙂



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