Regardless of whether anybody believes in you or not, you must first believe in yourself.  What YOU are and do has nothing to do with what your opposition is and does.  The best choices are always made from a keen awareness and knowledge of self.  This does not mean to live selfishly- but in order to successfully have external impact, you must be internally rooted.

Do not be afraid to have your own thoughts or feelings.  You cannot change them without first acknowledging them.  Your thoughts and emotions are valid.  They are not wrong, inappropriate, unworthy, or false… they are valid.  Legit.

Know thyself; thoughts of self are the anchor that keeps you from being washed away in the storms of external opinion.  The more grounded and knowledgeable about yourself that you are, the better you will be able to apply discernment.

Wisdom is freely available for the taking.  It is not reserved for the lofty or the privileged.  Observe more, talk less, and use a measured thinking approach.  Study the lives and habits of wise people, and you too can become wise.

Failure comes to those who quit- if you never quit, then you can never fail.  It takes a minimal amount of faith to stick it out- one foot after the other friend.

Monitor your thoughts- negative thoughts tend to affect the body in a poor way, and closes the creative/inventive side of the mind.  Work on keeping a constant cycle of positively enforced thoughts and beliefs running through your head, and you will find yourself arriving at numerous open doors of opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a better version of yourself- just do not embrace self condemnation.  It is a lie.  Self condemnation says that you ARE a thing, and that said thing is BAD.  The truth is, you are TEMPORARILY that thing and said thing is a transitive state.

Embrace the practices of the you that you desire to be… slowly if need be.  Nothing wrong or inferior by changing yourself one thing at a time.

Success is a journey- not a destination.  Stop looking to arrive at “it,” and just live “it.”

The gravity of your words springs from the integrity of your actions… Live it before you say it, and when you say it, it’ll stir others to live it.

“… and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” ~Jesus, Matthew 28:20 (NASB)  … You are never alone.

That which thou can conceive, is that which thou canst also do.  The question is rarely “if,” but “how?”

Go- and live as if you believe.

Smile when you talk. Be a light in a dark place. Be healing around the sick. Be YOU- and all that is necessary will follow.





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