Dark Knight Rises

There was a woman screaming outside of my apartment complex… Bloodcurling screams as if she was getting raped- the irony is that’s one of the many things she was yelling.

And to my complete and utter shame- I spent five minutes blocking it out before I registered what was happening and what I was doing.

Five minutes.

What could possibly be so important that it’s worth [more than] a life?  My text convo?  My gchat flirting?  Seriously?  Many of you do not know my background, so you have no way of knowing that I was raised as a knight.  A protector of women.  When they are weak, you are strong; when they suffer, you come to the rescue.

I’ve always been that way…

I remember one time after First Fridays in Van Nuys, I followed someone.  I do the cleanup, so I’m there the latest.  It must’ve been around two in the morning.  A party was going on at the end of the warehouse block… I was sitting in my car… When there came the unmistakable sound of someone getting slapped- followed by a woman’s short yet piercing shrill through the air.  I snapped to attention, and the adrenaline spilled over the gateways of restraint, pouring through my veins.

I looked out the window.  A chick was walking away from this dude, while yelling at him.  Pissed off for getting it as well as over (presumably) what he’d felt the need to hit her about.  He was following her, telling her to come back.  They were walking down the long warehouse lined driveway back to the street.  I searched my car.  All I had was  nine inch knife and a pen.  I deliberated carefully, but chose the pen in the end.

I got out of my car and followed from a distance.  Thinking what?  That if he laid hands on her again, that would be his last memory for a long time.  Call me old fashioned, but there is never an excuse to hit a woman.  Ever.  Not as a man.  You wanna fight someone, go get drunk at a bar.

Anyways- I followed them.  It was slow going because of all their back and forth verbal fighting, and my initial attempts at invisibility.  They didn’t notice me for quite some time.  I followed, and followed…. crossing street after street.  I’m not sure what I was looking for- something that would assure me of her safety perhaps.  That’s when I decided to let them see me.  I started walking in the shallow pools of dim light flowing from the over streetlamps.  The guy noticed me and kept looking back.  The girl either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

The cops drove by a few minutes later, and caught them arguing.  They got out, and I (across the street) melted back into the shadows.   The dude got real meek real quick, and I heard him try to redirect the cops my way.  I chuckled, but it was grim.  The cops had arrived, and so I could leave now- whatever was going to happen was going to happen.  I could only pray and hope that the cops’ presence would be enough.

Sidenote: Who coined that phrase anyway?  “Only pray,” or “just prayer,” or anything along those lines.  As if communicating withGod,the Omnipotent Creator and Supreme Ruler over all that is, is not and has yet to be, was some dithering trifle of miniscule power and potential change?  Smh.  We’ll tackle that another day.

I walked back to my car and drove off… only to drive by them heading back.  Her in front and he about 20 yards away.   I spun my car around and offered her a ride to wherever she needed to go.  She said no thanks, she was alright.  I pressed it for a minute, but relented when I saw she was intent on refusal.

So I settled for driving carefully behind them as they walked back.  He got pissed and I was concerned he might take it out on her, so I began to drive a circuit… From where they were at down to the warehouses, around them and back.  Eventually they split up and he was on one side of the warehouse and she on another.   I believe she said someone was coming to get her… So- I left.  Nothing more I could do.

This is who I am.

So today when those screams bypassed my senses?  Shameful.  Unacceptable.

I finally ran out to see… and it was still going.  So I ran back, laced up, and ran back out… To do- what exactly?  No idea.  Various Biblical Proverbs about not meddling in the affairs of others raced through my head as I went… I mentally searched for something in the New Testament to justify my mindset…

Cuz if I went down and saw all hell breaking loose, all hell was gettin beat out of ol’ dude.

Point, blank… period.

Needless to say, there was not much for me to do… I stood around looking serious, and ready to leap into action… But there was not enough of a situation to warrant my jumping in.  Cops finally arrived, and I heard the victim’s account, and the victimizer’s account… I think there were lies on both sides, but the victim was definitely under some sort of assault.

Such a mess.

And then there’s the good ol’ U.S. law system that has everybody afraid to intervene… Smh.  Especially men.  Lest they be locked up and/or put in the books too.  Protective law threatening its own citizens… Because cops always arrive in a timely fashion- oh wait…

When men are prevented from embracing manhood (of which protecting women is a huge part)- chaos ensues.

I messed up today.

But that will never happen again.

Ha- the Dark Knight rises yet again.




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