Principles of Invisibility: The Sequel

After much deliberation, I have decided to share a few more of these principles with you all, before I release the book itself (which will contain the most important/releveant/potent principles – some not found in this blog – with greater elaboration).

For my new readers, you may be wondering- what exactly are principles of invisibility?

Principles of invisibility, according to my definition of the self coined phrase, are the unseen lines of government that shape the seen reality.  They are the tools of the competent; the weapons of the great.  Principles of invisibility are guidelines that often demand much personal sacrifice, but gift you in return with the deeper desires of the heart.  Do not confuse these with magic- I am not offering some other-worldly incantation to set your world right in your eyes.  The theme music to these invisible principles is hard work- no way around it.

BUT- if you are aware of what they are, you are better positioned to make them serve you.  And from that positioning you can avoid needless physical strain.  It is the wise who recognize the difference between labor of necessity, and toil of waste.  Enlightenment can make all the difference.

Principles 1-3 can be found in the first half of this blog set here.

And now we shall continue…

Principle #4: Be what you are, and what you are will come out.

“There are few things more elusive than an obvious fact.” ~Sherlock Holmes

What’s the obvious fact?

Why, dear Watson, that YOU are YOU and no amount of social layers can truly hide that… eventually- it will come out.

The Hollywood Syndrome has infected the mass society in ways not altogether unseen, but also not altogether recognized or understood.  In a world where anybody can be anything with the right swab of makeup, or dash of digital effects, I am afraid that humans have taken that fabricated reality and adopted it as personal philosophy.  Few and far in between are the people confident in themselves (mostly because nobody knows who they are anymore).  Few and far in between are the people content with their particuluar infrastructural composition.

Hollywood Motto:If you don’t like you… be someone else!

The misconception is that you are only being someone else if that someone has a name.  Typically a celebrity.  Halle Berry.  Will Smith.  Oprah.  Kenny Lattimore.  Natalie Portman.  Stevie Wonder.  Endless names of people to try and duplicate… People who, if you try and imitate their person in effort to detach yourself from yours, that others would say “You’re just trying to be like-” Fill in the blank.

But what if you attempt to be somebody who doesn’t exist?  Mild mannered, background assuming, book reading, passively aggressive you becomes slightly belligerent, life of the party, video game-aholic, in your face type you.  That person does not exist- has no name.  And yet- you are impersonating them to the fullest degree.

Let me pause here and clarify: I am not in any fashion advocating against personal evolution, or disciplinary changes to better oneself.  Live revolves around the very visible principle of change- I am not refuting that.  I am saying that, in the midst of a society whose focus is to alter you then enhance you (rather than ground you then enhance you), how likely is it that the changes you are most inclined to make are valid?

Enter the power of the principle…  Whatever you become in your search of becoming, will ultimately result in your return to what you were originally.  From that place you must grow.

Let’s break it down.

Be what you are.

Quite simply- what are you?  I have heard many things… We are the sum of our experiences… The collections of our gifts and abilities… The reflection of those nearest us… Taking all of these things into consideration…

What are you?  WHO are you?

Singer, dancer, actor, athlete, gardener, teacher, mother, pastor, skater, missionary…???  What combination?  (this is not to box you in, but rather to stimulate self reflection… do not grab for titles and shape yourself to it.  Look at your shape, and call forth the appropriate title).  Are you passive aggressive?  Do you prefer to take walks alone or with people?  Do you play your instrument for non-profit (for fun, for therapy, for ministry…) or do you really desire to make that your career?  Why do you snap at people?  What are your quirks- the things others are more than likely to deem “weird”?

This is just the tip of the iceberg… but really- spend some time getting to know/understand you.  Observe yourself in your day to day life.  What do you find yourself most inclined towards?  What are your honest reactions to certain things?  What do you find yourself idly musing about?  These are all clues… arrows… roadmaps toward personal contentment (not to be confused with complacency).

Now for the other half.

… and what you are will come out.

If the first half could be classified, it would be as “internal.”  This latter half would classified as “external,” because obviously if something is coming out it is affecting things/people on the outside.

What you are will come out…

This then turns the emphasis on how you govern your life from instant, radical change over to intentional intake.  Namely- what are you putting in?  We need not preoccupy ourselves with becoming someone different… once we’ve settled/accepted who we are- we can then add more things into our mixture of self and becoming something new naturally.

Cake theory.  Once we accept that we are, say, eggs, milk, and sugar- we can add things like flour, salt, flavoring, cinnamon, etc.  Once that is whipped together and then heated (let’s not miss the metaphor of life trials here), a cake arises.  A brand new entity, yet, in essence, no different than it was before.  The sum of all its parts, but all the greater for their unity.

Be what you are, and what you are will come out.

What are you putting in?

Principle #5: There are no “preferred moves” in life; only good moves, bad moves, and best moves.

“May the Force be with you…” ~Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

The heart of this phrase is this: No matter what life throws in your path to impede you- may the best course of action make itself evident, and may you have the wisdom and strength to achieve it.

Just this morning I was deep in thought over some hard decisions I had to make, and I found myself agreeing that I might have to make a move that I detest… but in the end it’d be worth it.


What right have I to detest ANY move?  Moreover- what purpose does it serve?  The energy dispatched dreading or despising a certain course of action could have been better utilized either reassessing, or planning the next step after it.  The whole notion of being emotionally oriented is a farce- life simply does not work that way.

Good move.

One that you benefit from… that accomplishes the goal you set out to achieve.  It may not be the best thing, but with a little tinkering you can reap well from it yet.

Bad move.

One that you do not benefit from… It either failed completely in accordance with your endeavours, or failed completely and worked against what you already had in place.  The creative/clever mind can twist a bad move into something of value, but in general- bad moves are the moves to stay away from.

Best move.

All elements considered, all available knowledge calculated, all conceived risk analyzed- there was no better move.  Deep inside yourself you know that this is it.  You could have chosen a good move, which may have been safer in a sense, but this move is the best move.  Best moves are the diamonds of intuition and free will- appreciate their value, but do not derail your life if you cannot locate it.

Emotion has naught to do with any of this… If we are preoccupied with the emotional perspective of a choice, then we grant power to persuasive perversion.  Transforming a bad move into a good move, or distorting a best move into confusion.  Yes, as humans we must deal with the emotional perspective, but we need not yield to the emotional perspective.  There MUST be a place inside all of us that can coolly assess… that can implement objectivity… that can cleverly wield all of the warring perspectives inside of us into a controlled whisper, that quietly suggests, but does not overbearingly influence.

The phrase for this type of mental/emotional control is not control at all, but rather-


Principle #6: Fear will cost you the price it threatened you with.

True to form, I will keep this final principle brief…

Imagine being on the run… You walked in on your house being burglarized, and they had guns.  They spotted you, and you took off immediately.  Heart pumping double time, mind racing, gun shots spurring you along- each time seeming to whisper a promise.  “Next time I’ll get you.”  Your number one thought is to get to safety.  You’re not fully sure where you’re going, but your feet are carried along by some form of instinct that you didn’t even know you had.  Familiar landmarks flyby, and you begin to gain some sense of where you’re headed.

Safety is all that matters.  Gun shots keep ringing out.  You’re wondering how nobody else is hearing this… why nobody is coming to your aid.  Your breaths come more and more reluctantly.  Deep down, that familiar dread begins to overtake you… Telling you that it’s inevitable- your death.  You can’t keep on running.  Sooner or later you’ll come to a brick wall- just like in all the movies.  You fight the thoughts, but it begins to make more sense.  You haven’t heard a gunshot in a minute, and the adrenaline is beginning to wear off.  You don’t think you’re safe, but hey what does it matter anyway?

Before you know it, you have slowed down.  You look up and see bricks- but it is a house, not a wall.  And in the window is a woman gesturing frantically.  Safety!  Could it really be?  Then you see terror cross her face, and you turn around.

There stands the burglar-to-be-murderer, right behind you.  He levels his firearm as you turn to race towards safety… You know it’s futile, but you manage to take one step before the shot rings out.  You hit the pavement.

Your last thought before you blackout is, “My fear… it got me again.

Fear will cost you the price it threatened you with.

Choice is always yours, no matter how you feel… remember that.



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