How To Win A Wrestling Match With God

The only key to properly interpreting the following is this: You must know, that above all else- sickness, unfairness, setbacks, confusion, heartache, death- that God is good.  Or at least pretend you believe it- elsewise what is to come won’t make much sense.

**   **   **

I’ve always been the type of person who believed in the power of the “ultimate calculation.”  From my youth I was convinced that if I could only just fashion the proper algorithm, I would be able to plug any scenario into it and yield the proper protocol.  That’s largely how my teen years, and early twenties were spent- pursuing the validity of that theory. The world would have you believe that “the most” people are the most successful.. The most beautiful, the most knowledgeable, the most athletic, the most timely, the most, the most, the most… That is not technically true.  It is far too simple a theorem, built on man-made hierarchical systems.

Allow me to further explain.  As I went about testing my theory, I did my best to embody my version of “the most.”  The most intellectual, the most spiritually sound, the most intuitive… That’s when I ran up against the walls of the inherent fallacy lying in that theory.

Everybody believes that their “most” is THE most.  Translation?  Whoever has the most followers wins.  And THIS was my curse.  On the one hand, I could literally see the true nature of how things ought to be (which I will go into in a minute), but on the other, I had convinced myself that if I could win this game that everyone else was playing, that I would arrive at the same finish line… Boy was I wrong.

What has this to do with wrestling God?  Hold on, dear reader, hold on….

What I failed to realize was that I had been disqualified from this game, from the very moment I was born!

Imagine runners sprinting around a track… each one trying to outdo the other, and strategizing how to maximize their current position in relation to the person next to them.  Now imagine there is a runner competing in a special event called the “Cross Country Relay.”  The requirements for this event are so strenuous, that all runners for it are disqualified/refused admission into any other events, because Cross Country Relay runners need every ounce of strength for the run.

That’s me.  Likely you as well.

The principle is the same- run the baton to the next person- but the distances increase from runner to runner.  Translation?  Not only are you not competing against your fellow man, but you must run even further than the guy before you did, and the guy after you must run further than that.

Now let’s flip it back to me, and adapt the terms… The baton is my dream.  My passion.  My purpose.  The increasing distances are the generational legacies- I do the most with what I have enable those who come after to do even more.  And now the final element- my drive.  In the race, the drive is for your team to win… In life- because I cannot see the end- my drive must be my faith in God, in whom lie all things.  He is Alpha and Omega, and all in between… So my drive is faith…. which is essentially the free inhabitance of the Spirit of God.

One more flip.  So as I’ve been coming to grasp all of this…. I’ve been forced to reassess everything.  If I’m not competing against the people around me- then who am I competing against?  Probably the demons/darkness in and around me.  Okay.   And if I’m running as best I can, trying to let faith drive me and the Spirit of God freely live in me…. then the number one struggle is with me and God.  It’s a daring thought, but stay with me.  This is how the Lord kind of displayed it in my mind…

All my life, in everything I do, all good things are attributed to the Lord, and all bad things to Satan.  But what if- what if God is training me?  I maintain that He is.  SO, that means that those times that I get flipped to floor?  That’s Him.  Teaching me.  I get caught by unforeseen circumstances?  Him.  I myself make a bad choice, and get clotheslined?  Him.  For just like any trainer- He must treat me as if I’m in the situation I’m not yet in.  My training with Him, gives me victory everywhere else in life.

Now don’t go making a whole religion out of this- it’s not as deep as all that… But God is good.  He is love.  From Him, through Him and to Him are all things (Romans 11:36).  And beyond that… He has my absolute best interests at heart.  So rather than see myself as the victim of various mishappenings, or defining spiritual truths by physical situations…. I turn my gaze back on Him.  I love Him.  He loves me.  But we are wrestling… and He wants me to win.  Surely we have all experienced moments of clarity or revelation after committing some sin or wrongdoing?  That “yeah I probably shouldn’t have that” sentiment…. that’s Him!  Training you!  Getting you back up!  Urging you to take your stance yet again, and to persist against Him unyieldingly, for only through Godly relentlessness is found the abundance of life.

How do we wrestle against God?

Well it takes God to beat God so- embody Christ.  Everywhere.  As often as possible.  Not in a state of condemnation, but of freedom.  Set your heart on being there- even when weary.. There are great pointers found in 2 Peter 1:5-11.  Practically a handbook.

This is a fight.

How do we win a wrestling match against God?

That’s easy.

Never… Ever… Stop.

He WANTS us to win.  And eventually He will pause and we will request our blessing from Him as did Jacob.. and then we’ll be off wrestling again.  It’s a forever match born of love and liberty.  Drinking the cup He gives us, whether we want to or not.  It’s a fight.

Pretty soon the victories that you experience in the physical will become – trivial.  Enjoyable yes, and you’ll be grateful… but they’ll be trivial.  Tributary almost.   Your real and valued victories will lie in you better understanding the heart, nature, and movements of the Lord.

Wrestle hard (as am I).

Get back up, when you’re down… drink water… reassess… bless the Lord and always recall that He is on your side, and in you stirring you up to fight.

Loneliness is a trick of the enemy- the Spirit of God constantly manifests in three persons in your presence.

Get ya life together.  Lol  That goes for me as well.

Thanks for reading.

How do you win a wrestling match with God?

You never stop. #LifeStyle



One thought on “How To Win A Wrestling Match With God

  1. Love this. Basically our relationship with God. Unconditional but with it’s ups and downs as far as hardships. I praise Him during good times but I definitely seek Him out harder and with a louder wailing voice during the trials because He’s the only one that gives me strength and peace.

    I like how you put it. It never stops. You just keep trying, even if it seems like a losing battle. The lessons learned and the strength gained through the trying times are definite blessings bestowed by God.

    I’ve always liked the hard way better because I wouldn’t learn or be as grateful, otherwise.

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