I have recently experienced a stacked collage of milestones, regarding various projects I’m working on involving my passions… I’ll list them quickly, as they are not the focal point of the discussion.

-Successfully auditioned for a spoken word TV show

-Performed a new poetry piece at First Fridays with important people there… and RIPPED it (which can be viewed here).

-Collaborated with my mother for a spectacular tribute to my brother who graduated (which can be viewed here).

-My ebook’s platform expanded to major sites, including Barnes and Noble’s (which can be viewed here).


These were all really great moments- incredible really.  Each had its own tension packed into it, and personal battles to be fought.  Although by no means a veteran, I’ve rocked many a stage, and I am soundly convinced that the butterflies never quit visiting.  Not wanting to mess up the words, but at the same time not swinging so hard with counter force that you OVER perform it… the self pep talks to just “act natural.”  The prayers for strength, and fluid, powerful delivery…

Then time freezes- and in that isolated moment, you hit the stage and unleash everything you are from the depths of yoursoul…And then that insanely magical rush, when time comes flooding back in, and you KNOW you did an amazing job.  Everybody around you offering congratulations, and other remarks of grandiose exuberance.  Mentors affirm you, other artists want to work with you… I cannot lie, it is a GREAT moment. For all intents and purposes- in that frame of time- you are a super hero.  Super woman.  Super man.  It can be anything…. Homeschooling parent watching their child graduate, accepting a grammy, landing a role, selling a painting, mounting a movement, becoming engaged, noting desired body outcomes…ANYthing.

The Superman Moment is what that is.  Saturating, euphoric, addictive…… and time sensitive.  Because being Superman is too easy.

Anything easy will always be time sensitive; the effort of labor builds endurance/longevity in both the laborer and that which is labored upon.

The only thing harder than being Superman…. is being Clark Kent.

Being normal.

I was just explaining this the other day….

My most difficult times in life are the day AFTER great things.  When I go to bed exhausted, yet full of joy and a sense of both physical and spiritual accomplishment… and then wake with the ongoing reality that had temporarily ceded to the background…

I am not yet where I need to be.  There is still plenty of work to be done.

It’s the potency laced into every dream and passion- the power to change lives, introduce new creativity, reconstruct the world along positive lines of influence, leave an IMPACT.

There is a universe’s worth of change in a single dream.

Once the cape is off, the world STILL rests on your shoulders… on mine… only now- I’m Kent.  There’s no rush of adrenaline, time freezing moments, or super human ability….there’s just me.  Just you.  I have stories to write, series to complete and publish, concepts to sift through, TV show to pitch, marketing strategy to devise, revise, and implement.. Nobody SEES any of that.  Yet it is JUST as important as flashing around in the externally worn red drawers.

What I have come to see is this….

Without the legwork of Kent- the legacy of Superman ceases.

Even in the comic books this is true… As Kent, he was a news reporter. He kept up to date with all the goings on… which meant he could not afford to get fired… not for Kent, but for SUPERMAN.  That also meant he had to engage in relationships with people… pick up patterns… develop and exercise discernment- Superman can’t save everyone…. nor is he meant to.  You see?  A careful preservation of Kent, ensures the maximization of his purpose… being Superman.

I’m learning to not waste time pursuing pointless analyses, but rather come into unobstructed connection with my Kent.  Whatever form it takes.  Whatever actions it requires.  Whatever pain I must suffer.

“Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.” ~Mike Tyson

If my little candle light existence can successfully burn against the darkness of depression, desires to quit, impulses to cheat, temptations to just “get by,” the lure to mimic rather than engineer…. then when I’m given a pedestal and the power of the Sun, I will light up THOUSANDS of universes!  Living as Kent, hones my Superman abilities…. and that is why it is even more difficult.  What DOES happen when you get punched in the face?  Superman might laugh and shrug it off- he has bigger fish to fry.  But Kent… Kent has emotions connected directly in.  Kent is on the other side of manifested purpose.  He’s not flying- he’s hoofin’ it.  And when Kent is stricken, he has three choices.  Strike back out of his humanity… Adopt the persona of he who strikes… Or respond with the stature of Superman.. of his purpose.

Being a wholesome Kent is not easy…. but few necessary acts are.




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