Soooooooo it’s kind of been a minute, but that’s because so much writing material has wandered across the traffic lanes of my mind, that I couldn’t decide when to stop and address something.

So I’ve opted to ramble. 🙂

Hold on.

So first off……. Whitney Houston.

Iconic?  Of course.

Legendary?  Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Impacting?  CNN can attest to that.

Listening back on her music (and contrasting it with what frequents the airways today) I noticed that there was something- different in hers.  Something extra.  Yes she sang R&B, but it was more than just intense feelings of love, connection to the songs, and admiration of skill.  There was something more.  Something that caused thousands of people around the world to feel like this woman was their personal family member.  … Something extra.  I don’t even believe that she fully understood this extra that was on her- but she knew enough not to squander it.  Not to abuse it.  Her walk with God – although muddled and before the public eye – was intensely personal.  So much so that despite her family issues, drug addictions, and seeming God inconsistency… the worldwide love for her never once waned.  Even her LIFE had that something extra.  She caused people to love unconditionally.

And when she died….. that something extra got loose.  It rippled through the music atmosphere, pierced the hearts of her fans/family, ransacked such frivolous notions of propriety and “PC” in the news world… she literally shook the earth with her death.  Something extra had gotten loose, and was now infecting everything it touched.

Interestingly enough, when that something extra made its way to her homegoing ceremony………………. Jesus was put on display.   Atheists, non-believers, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Masons, New Age philosophers… they all saw it.  They all- experienced it.  Whitney’s death mirrored her life and music- it was an experience.  That something extra that so freely abound in her, that caused people to love her unconditionally…….. when it was given a platform…. expressed itself by the Name and stature of Jesus Christ.  Irrevocably.  The entire world saw it.  Experienced it.  The worship.  The push to be better people.  The message of hope in Christ.  It aired on CNN for Heaven’s sake!

The death of Whitney Houston brought a church service to the WORLD.  People who had learned to love her unconditionally because her something extra, were now exposed to the source of it.  Jesus.   More than anything else, the world saw for themselves that Jesus not only completely embraces all of His children – regardless of imperfections and mistakes – but that He delights in persistent hope in Him…. and He wants EVERYBODY to hope in Him.  To let Him fuse them with that something extra.  

One great writer once said that when a martyr dies, they actually multiply.

Jesus died, and the spread of Christianity was like wildfire- incredibly potent, and wholly uncontainable.

MLK died, and thousands took up arms continuing his fight- now there’s a black president.

Whitney died, and the entire world was introduced to the hope Christ- and thousands of dreamers/believers are accepting the passing torch.

So often we pursue tons of money, fame, acquisition of rarities, in order to be remembered… Even the Pharaohs had pyramids erected in order to never be forgotten…. But you know what?

None of that works.

Just as soon as you make money your expenses go up, or you give it away (as in to a charity).  People don’t remember that you were rich… As famous as you may become- the memory of you will die within a few generations…. And there’s so many new things being made that what you prize today will be a museum relic in twenty years… and NONE of us remember any of these Pharaohs… we remember the pyramids.  None of these entities (nor any other tangible or earthly ones) possess that something extra.  That’s because the something extra is rooted in the person and expressed through the “thing.”

Legacy springs from the well of achieved impossibility through the faith and belief in the ability of the untangibles.

Love… joy… peace… patience… kindness… goodness… gentleness… self control…

There is no law that exists that can contain such things.  And the most impactful people in history exhibited some, most, or all of these qualities.  Even if they had to fight for them.  Even if they had to blindly cling to them…

Whitney had some of these.  And her life revealed that it wasn’t a requirement for her to live them out perfectly…. but simply to never give  up on them.  She was unconditionally loved by all… and in a world bent on selfish gain and division- that is revolutionary.  She brought unity and unconditional love.

Is that not the recipe for the cure to the current human condition?

The source…. is Jesus.  Like it or not, this is uncontestable.  When her something extra got loose after her death, and was given the stage at her homegoing- Jesus showed up.  And His message was not judgement… it was hope.  Encouragement.  An invitation to accept His embrace, reject the perversion of having to live perfect, and work towards the legacy traits mentioned earlier.

In order to achieve the impossible, we must use impossible methods.  I cannot hang suspended in the air, free of harness…. unless I fly.  I cannot see through solid steel… unless I use x-ray vision.  We cannot change the culture of humanity into one of freedom, inspiration, and hope [in Christ] (which is where all true hope is traced back to) by using the very same methods that led us to the current condition we’re in.   Use the legacy traits.

Another great writer said: “If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.”

And MLK stated: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

And I say: “Use what you were given, for what you were given to do.”

When fused with that something extra?

Smh.  You can reconstruct the world… and leave an explosion of positive power in your wake.

Legacy springs from the well of achieved impossibility through the faith and belief in the ability of the untangibles.

Love… joy… peace… patience… kindness… goodness… gentleness… self control…


Welllll I guess that wasn’t as scattered as I’d anticipated…. Hope you enjoyed it…. Was motivated/inspired by it….

Get out and go after the impossible… bring into action the dormant aspects of the something extra that’s already inside of you..

And be man/woman enough about to accept the truth that Whitney made clear…. Even if you have to wrestle down how to apply it… accept it first.

Hope, life, passion, the unquenchable, multiplying power of something extra…

… lies in Jesus.



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