The Art of Self

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I am proud to announce that my first book ‘The Art of Self” has been published and is available for electronic download here.

Below is the sample excerpt…


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You Are

I am power unrealized

I am dreams deferred

I am the idle wishes of the night

I am cries of passion unheard

I am you.

I am all capable

I can touch the ground with the sky

I have the innate ability to change the world

I’ve got more force than a Jedi

I am also you.

I ran the race well

I conquered my fears through belief

I was constantly made new

I can be stopped by no thing

I can be you.

Two mighty paths

Who is the catalyst for either?

Who gave birth to these dreams

Who is the father?

You are.

One path is fulfillment

The other is simply filling

Destiny is not elusive

But who is the only one who can bring her to life?

You are.

Dreams and Inspiration

Basic Principle: “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember; you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~Harriet Tubman

Dreams. Inspiration.

There is no mightier pair of forces that humanity has been gifted with. They are a part of each other. They constantly flow in and out of one another, reinforcing every aspect of the other and ushering along the tide of creativity and progression in the earth.


“The elaborate, somewhat magical script inscribed on your heart in a language that only you fully understand and can translate to the world.”

A dream is always greater than one’s present reality. Always. Elsewise, it would be nothing more than a fantasy. An un-fulfilling figment spawned of the process of wishful thinking… In other words- nothing. When the mind/heart vision supersedes that which the eyes see, then you know you’re experiencing the world shaping power of your dreams. When your mind/heart vision equals that which the eyes see, then you have- nothing. A mind and heart full of nothing leaves the body restless… and a restless body tends to overcompensate by becoming reckless. Recklessness leads one on a meandering, and exhilarating (albeit un-fulfilling) trail that ultimately culminates at humanity’s most primal need… to dream.

Most people, upon first encounter, are quick to say that they do not know what their dreams are… That they are unsure. I, however, respectfully disagree with anybody who makes such a statement. Due to the pyramidal brainwashing orchestrated by the American government (and in several others) accomplishment is only recognized by peaks. By the topmost element.

Dreams are perceived the same way. People perceive their dreams as some all encompassing, awe inspiring, mind banging force that will overtake them and cause them to do great things… All for cause of the dream. That- is a false perception. Dreams can be powerful yes, and awe inspiring, and push one to do great things, and so on- BUT it is not this one, gigantic force reserved for the selected few. Dreams are freely doled out to everybody- most deny or reject them, many feel disqualified or believe their dreams are not legit, a small handful instinctively grasp and pursue them, and the lowest percentage of people actually have the authentic understanding of dreams and do not merely pursue the dreams until fruition, but OWN it in the process. They accept their internal power and contribution- the dream doesn’t own them… they own the dream. Why? Because they grasp the truth.

The truth is- Dreams operate on the fractal system.


To read the rest follow the link below, purchase the book for only 4.99, and take 20 seconds to create the purchasing profile when prompted…

The Art of Self

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