I call her Mother <3

On this day, many moons ago, God dispatched an angel so close to His very nature that in some cultures she is mistaken for a goddess.  He wrapped this gem in humble skin, and embedded in the heart of it – Jesus – the light of all men. 

As she came through the womb, the Heavenlies were on edge…. but as she was successfully born, all of Creation could breathe again.  Evil knew not what to do with this unexpected force- Jesus had already come once so they were unprepared for this woman who was tough as a diamond and sure of herself in the Lord.

Heartache, friendships gone awry, marital splinters in the apple of her eye……….

Yet she pressed on.

The angels were awed.  The dead saints applaud.  The further she gets into life, the more she resembles GOD.  Perfectly imperfect, content to be Christ’s craft, she became His PRIZE.  The kin of Job.

Terror went through the ranks of darkness when she pulled rank and began training a young officer, and then as if that wasn’t enough she bore four of her own.  Put the light in their dome.  Told them Heaven was their home then cut them loose in the world to answer their callings like a cell phone.

The lives she has touched are many.  The people she has not impacted are few.  It’s true, that if you look into her eyes she’ll see into the heart of you… but it’s good.

And this year… she is stronger than ever.  A better believer believing in purpose achieved while weathering any weather.  A queen.  A fiery flower with a sweet scent.  A drop of sun kissed honey glowing in the moonlight reflecting the desires of all men.

I love her… I call her Mother… Though we have had our differences I would NEVER trade her for any other because she is SHE…. and anybody else would simply fall too short.

I don’t have dough to send you gifts today, but when the checks come in from my books going viral- you’ll be the first to get paid. 😉

Love you mommy…

Happy Birthday ❤
~ Your Oldest [Your Best]


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