Runyon Way of Life

So I went to Runyon Canyon yesterday with a friend of mine, and today on my own…

And I completely fell in love- doing that a few times a week is going to get my six pack RIGHT!! Gonna take it from an 8 to a 15 (and the scale stops at 10).

Anyways, that’s got nothing to do with anything.

As we were going up, said friend wanted to take it easy on certain parts because it was more difficult… to which I responded, “That’s the point.”

That got me thinking….

If you go to Runyon Canyon with any less intention than killing yourself (figuratively speaking of course) then you cheat yourself. Of COURSE it’s going to be hard… of COURSE it’s going to burn… of COURSE it’s going to push you past your limits. This would only be an issue if RUNYON CANYON WAS DESIGNED FOR COMFORT.

But it isn’t.

If you were in tip top condition, then Runyon Canyon becomes obsolete for you. A past time. A mere pleasantry.

Runyon Canyon is to GET you into tip top condition…. to take you face to face with your limits, take you past your limits, and eventually erase the whole concept of limits altogether.

Sounds a lot like…… life.

We are SUPPOSED to struggle, and fight, and reach our goals – repeatedly – for our OWN sake. None of the Runyon Canyon hikers cease the hike or never return because they’re not the best. It’s not ABOUT that. It’s not even about arriving. It’s about progressing yourself, telling others about it, bringing/sending them there, and now there’s a small community of people oriented around self progression.

What if in life we were centered around self progression? Singing, dancing, acting, rapping, painting, teaching, instrument playing, preaching, socializing, bowling….. whatever. What if the focus of such activities was focused not upon the divisive, doubt inducing ideology of becoming the best comparatively, but rather about pushing one’s own self, breaking limits, and becoming exponentially better each round? Would that not make for a happier environment? A more encouraging and hope focused society? Because then- it’s no longer me VERSUS you. There is only us at our various stages of self progression.

Life becomes a team effort.

And there isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t know that teamwork yields greater things than solo efforts. The President has a cabinet. Kings have advisors and royal courts. School principles have numerous teachers. Not to mention every single sport invented… ever.

I also noticed that a couple times I slipped (didn’t fall though – never that ;D ), but it never arose in me to give up, or desire to never come again. My immediate thought was on regaining footing, sharpening my gaze on the local terrain, and becoming even MORE intentional on completing the mission. … So why do slips and bumps in life lead us so quickly to wanting to quit or disqualify ourselves? Regain your footing. Reassess your environment. And keep going. That’s it, that’s all.

Last thing.

The way Runyon Canyon is set up, once you finish the trail you still have to walk several blocks downhill back to your car.

Even when you’re done, you’re not really done.

Isn’t that like life as well? Once you attain a goal, dream, or desire, you immediately have to go on to the next element, elsewise you negate the very victory you just set your hands on. Life is an evolutionary process… Forward or fossil essentially.

I believe the evolutionary process is best in team environments (yes I’m restating my earlier point). If you evolve alone and nobody knows where you came from – what’s the point? They won’t appreciate it. And why would you want to live alone anyway? It’s so much more inspiring and instigating for more quality of progression if you can look around and see others doing life with you… if you can look around the mountain trail and see people of all body types sweating, and pressing upward with you.


And that is what I leave you with for my first blog-

The Runyon way of life.


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